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Class Discussion/Google Doc

My class has been sleepy this week, so instead of large-group discussion, today we discussed via Google doc and partner work. It was a lot of fun to see that many people working on a document simultaneously, and I was really happy with the result. 47 more words

Teaching Moments

Class Discussion...Some Improvement

Many of you know I’ve been struggling with class discussion this semester. My class is pretty introverted, and I’ve been trying to find ways to make discussion more generative and interesting. 320 more words

Teaching Moments

Visualizing technology + literacy

Last week I asked my students to write about their connections between technology and literacy. I made a Wordle of their responses. Click to embiggen.

Teaching Moments

Teaching "Sponsors of Literacy" - with confessions

Well, apparently I have discovered the method for getting my students to have a lively discussion in class: discuss a reading they have very strong opinions about.  1,007 more words


For Parents Who Hate Homework (And It's Only the Start of the School Year!)

My first day of elementary school, something incredible happened. I felt big. I felt strong. I felt empowered. I was no longer a member of the early childhood clan—and boy, did it feel liberating! 1,679 more words

À La Carte

We Must Remember

Yesterday I watched a video filmed at George Washington University. These university students were asked what national anniversary was coming up this week. The majority of the students had no idea. 431 more words

Slowing down the whole train-- or Genre research on Literacy Narratives

After reading my student’s blog posts this weekend and reviewing their starter assignments I realized I needed to back up and slow down a little. I think my own difficulties in adjusting to the shorter class periods, my acclimation to quarters (where I only have ten weeks with my students) and the general lack of routine in the first two weeks all led to a situation where I’ve been giving my students a lot to do (and they’ve been giving it a solid effort) but I haven’t been clear or focused about what I mean when I say genre, and what I’m asking of them in writing a literacy narrative that has to do with how they have encountered and attempted to work in unfamiliar genres. 327 more words

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