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Incredibly Unique

If you have met one person with autism, then you’ve met ….them allĀ  one person with autism. Anyone who works with, knows, or loves someone with autism, understands that this is true. 193 more words


Don't Be Left Behind

The movie, Left Behind, will be coming to theatres this Fall. There are some big Hollywood stars in the movie such as, Nicholas Cage, and Chad Michael Murray. 396 more words


Fresh With Possibilities

A new day has dawned, fresh with possibilities.

I have a crazy amount of stuff to check off my to do list by the end of next month. 160 more words


Are You Still Living In Friday?

We call it “Good Friday”.

Good in the midst of the awful.

That Friday so many years ago….

the day that Jesus’ followers were heart broken. 300 more words


How Is Easter Real To You?

I found this post that I previously wrote about Easter. It is just as true today, as the day that I first wrote it.

Meet us over at White Space, with Bonnie, to blog about Easter and what it means to you. 258 more words


Don't You Feel It Too?

Yesterday the Jesus Calling devotion (by Sarah Young) spoke to me loudly and clearly. There are times when I know beyond a shadow of doubt that God is speaking directly to me. 151 more words


How Precious Time Is

Thumbing through my planner, I see the days laid out before me.

Ink is scattered across the pages with names and times. Full. Busy.

Life passing by, another page turned, another day comes to an end. 45 more words