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Teaching moment: A sleeping student

So I had a student fall asleep in 108¬†Tuesday. In class today, talking about participation, I said, “One of you fell asleep on Tuesday. That’s not the way to earn an A!” Etc. 41 more words


Crowdsourcing: American Slang

I’m looking to start each class with a “slang of the day” American slang word or phrase. Thoughts so far:

  • The previous ETA at my school did a lesson on responses to “How are you?” other than “I’m fine, thank you, and you?” which is the standard reply¬†Korean kids learn in their first-ever English class.
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Teacher's Helper

Choices Made

The day is gray and overcast, there is the slightest glow from sun that is hidden. I am pushing the vacuum cleaner across the rug, fluffing sofa pillows, sweeping the floor. 171 more words


Hopeful And Excited

As the summer winds down and school begins, life seems fresh with opportunities.

This time of the year feels more new to me than the ball dropping in Times Square on an early January morning. 29 more words


This Is My Life

I have missed my regular blogging over the past couple of weeks. This August has been and continues to be busy! Please bear with me as my posts are hit and miss this month. 509 more words



So I don’t want to run to my mom or my bestie…but this just popped up in conversation with the kiddos since they’ve been back with me this week after a week with their dad… 408 more words


Good Morning

This post, from my archives, spoke to me this morning……..

I stood still, looking out the window as the sun burned off the foggy haze laying low on the fields. 142 more words