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Allowing Space for Conversation

There has been a lot of talk ’round campus this week about issues of race and discrimination. I haven’t been entirely sure all semester about how or whether I should talk about such things with my students. 425 more words

Teaching Ideas

Put Some Clothes On - Message at The 505

This is my first opportunity preaching at Paoli Presbyterian Church during The 505.

Put Some Clothes On from Bryan Jones on Vimeo.

Colossians 3:5-14… 183 more words

General Ministry

December 1 - A Little Goes a Long Way

Discipline your son while there is hope, but do not set yourself to his ruin. Proverbs 19:18

Our first son is crafty and has been that way from his day one. 292 more words


For Occupation- This

This week I decided to teach a poetry unit to a group of students for whom English is a second language, and one not yet very well mastered. 1,209 more words

What Is Man, That You Take Thought Of Him?

Today my husband asked me to watch a Louie Giglio video with him. I wasn’t feeling all that great, and didn’t know if I really felt like taking the time to really pay attention, but it is difficult to hear this man speak and not be drawn into the message. 473 more words


The Creep Who Raised Us: Bill Cosby Continues to Teach from Beyond Redemption

We have lost an American treasure to a fate far worse than death. Comedy legend Bill Cosby sullied his name and the minds of all who revered him, and the internet has been a vigil for all to react to losing America’s greatest TV dad to an unsettling number of sexual assault accusations. 391 more words


Almost, but not quite..

I often shamelessly laugh at my students when they mix up their English words. (For example, today a boy said he was wearing a “cat” on his head instead of a “cap.” Or there was the infamous day I pointed to a picture of a kitchen and asked what room it was, and a third grader, jumping out of his seat with excitement, proudly declared, “CHICKEN!”  Sorry, no.) 206 more words

Teaching Moments