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The Creep Who Raised Us: Bill Cosby Continues to Teach from Beyond Redemption

We have lost an American treasure to a fate far worse than death. Comedy legend Bill Cosby sullied his name and the minds of all who revered him, and the internet has been a vigil for all to react to losing America’s greatest TV dad to an unsettling number of sexual assault accusations. 391 more words


Almost, but not quite..

I often shamelessly laugh at my students when they mix up their English words. (For example, today a boy said he was wearing a “cat” on his head instead of a “cap.” Or there was the infamous day I pointed to a picture of a kitchen and asked what room it was, and a third grader, jumping out of his seat with excitement, proudly declared, “CHICKEN!”  Sorry, no.) 206 more words

Teaching Moments

Yay interviews!

A lot of my students are finally getting to meaningful interviews—some their first ever. Today when I did individual check-ins, a student noted how much he enjoyed the interview he conducted earlier this week. 110 more words

Teaching Moments

Good Morning Beautiful

There are few things I enjoy hearing more than a voice entering my sleepy conscious saying these words.  In the past, I have heard them from my dad, mom, boyfriends, friends, son, and coworkers.   534 more words

Take A Seat At The Table

This is the question my husband and I are passionate about….. “How do we, the Gen X’ers, and the Boomers reach the younger generation?” The Millennials are roughly between the ages of 14 and 34 years. 396 more words


Thank You For Your Patience

Dear Readers,

Life has been busy. Some days are much busier than others. I realize we all have 24 hours in a day and often times those hours can seem stretched thin. 41 more words

Teaching Moments

Unexpected Benefits of Group Work

I have incorporated far more group work into my class this semester than I expected to.  Part of this is because I’ve had such good results with it – my students seem much more engaged in their small group discussions than usual – not least because they feel they have more space for disagreements.  454 more words

Teaching Moments