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A little bit of humor in the classroom

Humor is by far the most significant activity of the human brain.
–Edward De Bono

I would not have survived some 35 plus years in the classroom if I hadn’t had some sense of humor. 201 more words


Inclusive Teaching Strategies!

No two people learn the same way; some are visual learners, auditory learners or hands on learners but most are a fix of these three learning styles. 125 more words

Will Anything Happen?

‘Something’ may be happening in education – even though I suspect that a lot of those at the sharp end wish that rather less was happening for once… But reading around the debates that are currently taking place, I get a distinct sense of things moving on. 805 more words

Peer and Self-Assessment

In this post, I will go over a few strategies that I use in my lessons to ensure better quality peer and self-assessment.  While this is not a stand-alone training session, they could easily be put together, potentially with a few other strategies to become a discreet CPD session on developing skills in using peer and self-assessment effectively in lessons. 886 more words

Teaching Strategies

Using An Exit Ticket To Guide Planning

This post links back to one particular element of my 10-Minute Skill Builders posts, a series of sessions designed to help teachers develop core skills through a series of short skill building / reminding sessions. 307 more words

Teaching Strategies

To Read, Or Not to Read?

I read to become a woman. I read to become a Native American, and I read to become a Russian during the age of Czars. I read to become poor, and I read to become a Nazi and a Jewish girl hiding in an attic in occupied Amsterdam. 436 more words

Pleasure In Learning

Teaching Strategies: demonstrates my ability to guide students through learning situations by providing them with various methods and tools.

To make science learning relevant, meaningful and accessible to all the students in my classroom I will be using many tools, including computers, smart boards and various computer applications and programs. 174 more words

Educational Planning