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If You’re Inside the Jar, You Can’t Read the Label

This is the week for Thanksgiving, a time for reflecting on the things and people we are thankful for. Some will enjoy families and LOTS of food ( 459 more words

Pleasure In Learning

Peat and Repeat

A couple years ago, the question “How are you changing your pedagogy?” kept arising. It began to sound like too many ricochets in a gunfight scene. 248 more words

Pleasure In Learning

PEOE Demonstrations

The PEOE strategy is a fun and effective way to conduct demonstrations. In the process, you engage students in scientific inquiry. And once students are engaged in your lesson, teaching science is so much fun and rewarding! 223 more words

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Altering Instruction On The Fly

By synthesizing over 50,000 studies related to achievement in school-aged students, Hattie conducted the biggest ever evidence based research project in education, and has provided us with a much more solid foundation of scientific research than we have ever had in the field of education. 875 more words

Teaching Strategies

Using Divergent Questions To Promote Higher Level Thinking

What is a divergent question? A divergent question is a question with no specific answer. The purpose of a divergent question is to exercise one’s ability to think broadly, and creatively. 139 more words

Teaching Strategies

Be Sure You Pack Your Librarian

Nearly two years ago on campus, Dr. Joellen Maples waved in my direction, “Get ready!” she laughed. “I am taking my capstone course online… and I am taking my librarian with me!” While I had no idea of the details of her statement, I was thrilled to be included. 958 more words

Teaching Strategies

Great Math Resource ~ Learn Zillion

One of the most popular sites for math clips and lessons is LearnZillion. You can sign up and search their resources via their site or search their YouTube site… 13 more words