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Mostly, I'm Amazed

A few days ago I read a story online about a teacher who fought a student in a Baltimore school. From what I read in the story, the teacher physically  went after the student only after the student refused to stop using her cell phone in class, then came to the front of the classroom and slung a chair at the teacher. 1,742 more words

The World


Hey I am hosting all my courses on github this year. Check them out!

"Words, Words, Words."

This precious line from Hamlet has been rolling around my brain for the past few days now, and I am beginning to have a notion as to why, especially tonight when I have perhaps written about two-thousand words for several different projects (not a very large number but it looks more impressive when you write it out thus). 144 more words


One month, uncountable experiences.


So it’s been a month since I got to Calais, France and I feel it’s only been two weeks!! One word: Incredible!! So many new people, new tastes, new words! 971 more words


Make It Fit

My dream job would probably be working with young, special needs children; whether it be teaching them in a general education aspect, working with them through music techniques, or just simply teaching them basic music skills to help improve their general skills. 286 more words


Things I Have Learned While Working With Students With Behavioral Issues

When I tell people about my job, they gasp and shake their heads and typically tell me that they could never do what I do. I don’t understand that reaction and I probably never will. 644 more words

Boom shaka laka boom

Section 123 desperately wants to teach RE

When Dr Gumtree returned with the last candidate his generally polished and smiling countenance seemed somewhat dulled and his eyes frosted over. 460 more words

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