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Exit Survey 2014 - Results for teaching students!

As requested, I have put together a short blog for you all that summaries the results of this years “Exit Survey.”

It is a survey of questions put together for the final year students to fill out at the end of their degree, to help support the University in improving its courses, and also to put their views down for other current and future students to read. 456 more words


Little White Lies

Many people whitewash their experience in job applications and CVs to ‘make the best’ of their experience. That is what my teachers told me to do when I left school. 458 more words

Teacher or student

It’s a debate I’ve been having for a while, as I think more and more about when I might be able to take on my first horse: is it better to learn from a schoolmaster or to take on the unknown of an animal who is as green as you are? 1,180 more words

Riding Around...

[room 329] reading a-z

Currently, my favorite website is not a social media one, even though I do spend time on those. Currently, my favorite website is called Reading A-Z… 95 more words


Thoughts on "Far From the Tree" #1: On Love

“It is not true that ‘love is not love which alters when it alteration finds’. Love alters all the time; it is fluid, in perpetual flux, an evolving business across a lifetime.

1,213 more words

Quick Note

Just a quick note to say that today was not as productive as yesterday. I had a lot of professional development meetings, which meant I kept adding things to my to-do list, but couldn’t ever cross anything off! 88 more words

In T minus 7 hours...

I will be starting my first day as a classroom associate teacher. I don’t know what to make of how I am feeling yet but this is my first big girl, salaried, benefitted, full-time job! 221 more words