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Age and my Accent

I’m very interested in adult education. Adults face a difficult challenge as students. Society sets up systems to help children learn. These systems have tests, grades, deadlines and teachers to guide students towards a set of learning goals. 638 more words


God so loved the world...

Imagine if that’s all you got. That’s all God gave you.  “After you die, my friend, we will meet. Love, God.”  Really?!  I’m an alcoholic, and that means that I have a genetic predisposition to immediate gratification. 542 more words


Practice what you preach - Miesner

I am so impressed with the blog posts that all the groups have been writing.  At first I was a little bit worried because (1) we were just throwing them into a public forum and (2) some groups didn’t seem to excited about their topics, but I’m glad to see that as they have researched and learned more their enthusiasm is building (or at least they are good at faking it). 652 more words

A "Typical" Day as a Fulbright ETA

I put typical in quotation marks due to the fact that each ETA’s experience is different in many ways. Plus, my days here have a lot of variation, because I have a biweekly schedule and see a total of 27 different classes over a 2-week time span. 995 more words

Lesson Plan -Health Ed. Acquisition & Investigation Tools

Teacher:Katrine Nordstrom Date: 9/29/14 Subject area / course / grade level: Health Education, Poll Everywhere, Diabetes Awareness, 7th grade Materials: 448 more words

/RantOn: Intimidating our Teachers – The Silence of the Lambs

(It’s time for a periodic “/RantOn.”  Sorry, right up front, for the sometimes angry or negative tone – this is a (hopefully) uncharacteristic “no more Mister Nice Guy” moment!    2,990 more words


American Federation Of Teachers Set To Spend More In 2014 Than Any Other Election Cycle. Here in lies the problem. Political favors doesn't help teachers. Show them the Money.

The FTC uses the State of CT. as an example of using their financial support. But who are they actually helping. Helping candidates or teachers. It is almost impossible to be a teacher in CT. 161 more words