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Karina Paulk The Insider

The Insider is a movie that focused on the subject of Whistle Blowing which is something that has recently come into the public eye since Edward Snowden. 291 more words

Group Ottolenghi (11-20)

The Insider assignment

Depending on how important the information is, the greater the power the secret has. For any big corporation like the one from the film it is an enormous risk having the possibility of losing millions of dollars forcing the corporation into bankruptcy and even the potential to close entirely a billion dollar company because someone revealed their secrets. 533 more words

Group Ottolenghi (11-20)

Linking it All Together

The dramatic thriller of “The Insider” is an intelligent and compelling story that portrays the influence corporate magnates has on media outlets. The character played by Russell Crowe, the scientist that soon becomes a whistleblower was caught in between a massive smear campaign and lawsuit that demonstrates the extent tobacco companies would go to prevent the general public from learning the real dangers of cigarettes. 483 more words

Group Ottolenghi (11-20)

The Insider (Blog 4)

Ernie Fuentes

Professors Pearson, Shumow, Soto, Ottolenghi

IDS 3309

23 March 2014

The Insider

            The film The Insider depicted a man in an ethical dilemma with himself and with the world, and how that debate ultimately played out to the detriment of himself and others around him. 426 more words

Group Ottolenghi (11-20)

Blog 4: The Insider

Nicolas Lopez


The Insider

            It’s hard to completely tie this movie into many of the issues we’ve discussed in this course, since at the time of the movie other than television there was no other form of social media like the internet or social networking sites.  545 more words

Group Ottolenghi (11-20)

Van Gogh Museum App

The app “touch Van Gogh” was created by the Van Gogh Museum to reveal the secrets on Van Gogh’s paintings and find out more about Van Gogh’s history and working methods. 10 more words

Shocking Family Secret

In the first few years of our lives we are taught the difference between right and wrong. No one prepared us for moments that are so complicated, you weren’t sure the difference between the two.  624 more words

Group Ottolenghi (11-20)