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What Song Would You Like To Hear James David Carter Sing?

Before auditioning for season seven of NBC’s The Voice, James David Carter already had a large fan base due in large part to his YouTube Channel. 476 more words

Introducing Dawn M. Long: A Proud Member of The JDC Gang

The JDC Gang Facebook group has now surpassed the 400 member mark and is as popular as ever. Dawn M. Long a 48 year old Social Network promoter from Wilmington, Delaware joined the group a little over two months ago and is a firm believer in the talent of James David Carter. 452 more words

The Voice Season 7 - Top 12 & Elimination

Boom, boom, boom. Our beloved show is now in Top 12. Each artist gave their all for now their future on The Voice lays on the palm of the voters. 282 more words

The Voice

The #JDCInNYC Project

Lady B and Heather Z are spearheading a project to bring former NBC The Voice Contestant James David Carter to New York City.

Meet JDC Gang Member Sandika Rakhim

The JDC Gang Facebook group is growing every day and it currently has a total of 380 members. Sandika Rakhim, a 28 year old from Indonesia joined the group around two months ago. 283 more words

The Gang Sounds Off on Why James David Carter Was Eliminated From The Voice

When James David Carter was eliminated from The Voice, fans everywhere were devastated. The shocking elimination left fans asking why? What would make Blake Shelton, the country superstar pass over the country singer for indie singer Jessie Pitts. 625 more words