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Old School Game of the week - Team Fortress

QWTF, or Quake World Team Fortress was for me, the greatest and most memorable gaming experience I’ve ever had. I’ll never forget the countless hours in IRC, joining clans, talking to friends, scheduling scrims and practicing strats. 128 more words


Bragtoberfest: Killing Time

Yep, that seems to describe what I’ve mostly been up to in the last few days.

One is still waiting for Halloween and the pace of regular updates to rev back up again in… 3,342 more words



Steam一直是游戏交易的行业的主力军。今天我们将带您见证他们是如何提高游戏改装社区的。作为一个游戏开发者,游戏修改程序不是游戏中最重要的部分,但他们可以增加消费者的价值,因而提高游戏的寿命。 30 more words


Thoughts | Should I Teach my Girlfriend Gaming?

I play a lot of Team Fortress 2, with over 600 hours on my belt in the past year, I’ve mastered the basics of playing the different classes. 452 more words


User Interfaces in Games

This post is going to be about different User Interfaces in games – I’ll list 3 that I think are successful, and talk about why I like them. 1,136 more words

Team Fortress 2

Did we throw a wrench in your plans?

Capture the flag, control point, territories, king of the hill, payload, team deathmatch, Mann vs. machine, or better known as Team Fortress 2! 43 more words


Multiplayer Madness: #28 Loadout

Our last week with Loadout for Multiplayer Madness, how sad. Hopefully next week will be a game where we can actually do well.