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The fidget of the right hand.

I blame my mouse.
I spend too much time on my computer, and I think its having an unexpected effect. I’m constantly flicking between programs, tabs or shuffling though music. 1,050 more words

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Debate Club: ALL Games Should Have Some Sort of Functional Single Player Component

I’m going to begin my rebuttal to Steve’s article, entitled “Some Games Aren’t Meant For Single Player,” with the passage that had garnered the biggest reaction from me when I read it: 777 more words

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Debate Club: Some Games Aren’t Meant For Single Player.

Some games are simply not meant to be single player experiences.  Games like this are divided into two groups.  In group A we have multiplayer only games that… 957 more words

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Debate Club: Video Game Movies Still Have Potential.

Earlier this week Chris posited that video game movies have become kind of irrelevant.  While I definitely don’t agree with that, I can’t help but credit him for raising some interesting points.  947 more words

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An interesting post that makes a case for (good) video game movies and why we haven't seen much of them yet. Some of us have been burned by the likes of Uwe Boll and whoever was responsible for spawning that live-action abomination of Super Mario Bros. film, but maybe those guys were just the Schumachers before the storm. Maybe videogames have yet to find their Kevin Feige. Whatever the reason, give it a read. I'd be lying if I haven't daydreamed about a proper Legend of Zelda flick (or series)!

[Music] Portal Fling Waltz

Here’s what Team Fortress 2′s “Rocket Jump Waltz” would sound like if it were played on Portal’s radio. I made this back in 2012!

“Rocket Jump Waltz” by Valve.
Portal radio instruments by Valve.


Team Fortress 2 - Horseless Headless Horsemann's Headtaker

Happy belated Halloween!

Christmas decorations are already being put up all over town, but I’m still knee deep in ghosts and spooks.

I wanted to make something for Halloween this year, so why not keep it Halloween related by making something that has been on my list of upcoming projects for a long time. 1,463 more words

[Music] Rocket Jam Waltz (Space Jam/Rocket Jump Waltz mix)

Here’s the Space Jam theme mixed with the Rocket Jump Waltz from Team Fortress 2!

“Space Jam” by Warner Bros.
“Rocket Jump Waltz” by Valve.