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Team Fortress 2: Expert Mann vs Machine Blog (Mannworks point perch)

It was a unique and awful night playing Expert Mann vs Machine. One of my lesser tour friends always invites me to play, but whenever I jump in, the lobby is full. 712 more words

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Map Planning

Planning how to take over the world (sort of)
I forgot how hard building a new map can be. I’ve finally got round to working on my next major mapping project, the same one I said… 851 more words

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(TF2Talk) The Journey of Dominating an Entire Valve Server

There’s a certain feeling of accomplishment you can get from doing something that you’re 98.6% sure you can do, but just never really tried. It’s not exactly joyous, or bitter sweet, mostly just pretty funny. 468 more words


Another Night of Team Fortress 2: Expert Mann vs Machine

I did two full tours that started on a high peak of awesome. I was the lesser member of a group that all had 250+ tours. 676 more words

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My Week in Games [1/16/2015 - 1/22/2014] [Poll] Saints Row 3 & 4, Dead Space 2, School of Dragons, Team Fortress 2, Magic Barrage, Civilization: Beyond Earth, Kirby & More

To my surprise, I’m at the top of Bing and Yahoo’s search when it comes to looking for “Magic Barrage Review.” Not just that, but other game reviews. 1,051 more words

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Team Fortress 2: Expert Mann vs Machine Blog (and a truck walks into the pub)

Last night a friend invited me to play a Mann vs Machine Expert game. Sure thing, but by the time I had jumped from my laptop to my computer, the lobby was already full of six players. 770 more words

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Best Online Games top 10

Allowed to-play PC recreations now offer mind boggling quality. These of the best you can inspect today.

Cash’s for suckers. This is a certainty: you can play stunning full recreations while never pilfering anything. 932 more words