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TFS Guide

An dieser Stelle möchte ich auf den TFS Guide hinweisen: http://tfsguide.codeplex.com/.

Der TFS Guide wurde zwar seit 2007 nicht mehr angepasst, er enthält aber immer noch wichtige Informationen und Hilfestellungen, wenn es um das Thema Patterns & Best Practices geht. 38 more words



Introducing “tfs-bugger”, it stays on your system tray and shows summary of tfs tasks/bugs assigned to you. And it is free :)

Works on Team foundation server 2010, 2012 and 2013. 135 more words

Team Foundation Server

Visual Studio 2013 and Visual Studio Online

When I first saw Visual Studio online being advertised I didn’t think it would be something I would use that much. However, in the process of creating a Windows Phone application I was reading about the availability of Team Foundation Server as part of the VS Online package. 135 more words

Visual Studio

Causes of Bugs

You are probably writing “Bug-Free” code right? I also don’t. Really sad…
I do want to, our customers want that. For that reason I created a statistic in the projects I worked in, to find out which are the most usual causes of bugs. 930 more words

Technical Interest

NuGet + Visual Studio: Automatic Package Restore of Different Solutions to the Same Folder

Attachment with the sample: NugetPackageRestore.zip

Today I had a problem using nuget package restore in a quite complex project that has multiple projects and multiple solutions file located in different folders, so that nuget was restoring the packages in a wrong folder for some of my solutions. 684 more words

Visual Studio

TFS API: TFS User Email Address Lookup and Reverse Lookup

Occasionally I need to develop a tool that requires sending and receiving emails to and from developers. To do this I will need to lookup email addresses based on a TFS user’s display or account name and vice versa. 140 more words


TFS: Delete Folder without a Workspace

Sorry about this title, but actually you cannot delete a source controlled folder without assigning first a workspace, BUT, but you can avoid wasting disk space avoiding to recursively download all the files in that folder, so it’s what I think you want to do, and then here’s the steps: 71 more words

Team Foundation Server