TFS: Delete Folder without a Workspace

Sorry about this title, but actually you cannot delete a source controlled folder without assigning first a workspace, BUT, but you can avoid wasting disk space avoiding to recursively download all the files in that folder, so it’s what I think you want to do, and then here’s the steps: 71 more words

Team Foundation Server

Connect To Team Foundation Server Error - TF31001

If you change your windows credentials it has been know to affect your connection to Team Foundation Server ( and you may receive the following error:- 45 more words

Team Foundation Server

Removendo Team Project no TFS 2013 via CMD

Olá Pessoal!!!

Hoje vou explicar para vocês, como remover um Team Project Collection do seu TFS 2012 e 2013. No painel de administração do Team Foundation Server tem a opção de Delete no canto inferior do lado esquerdo do painel, eu precisei usar esse comando pois o projeto que precisava deletar, não aparecia a opção de “Delete” no Console de Administração. 118 more words


TF30063: You are not authorized to access Microsoft-IIS/7.5

This is the second time we have hit this error so this time it was a quick fix. But if you don’t know what it is you might be led astray by the message. 265 more words

Team Foundation Server

Create A New Team Foundation Enlisment From Command Line

What are the commands to create an enlistment of your Team Foundation repository?

mkdir c:\Users\Beto\MyProject
cd c:\Users\Beto\MyProject
tf workspace /new /noprompt /collection:http://myserver:8080/tfs/blah MyWorkspaceName

MyWorkspaceName can be any random name. 78 more words