Done Building Project "X" (default targets) -- FAILED.

If you use Team Foundation Server as build server and have a Database Project that is build on the server there is a chance that the build output succeeds without errors but the build result is “failed”. 78 more words

Team Foundation Server

NuGet Package Restore error with TFS Build (Online)

The Issue

After several months of successful builds using the online TFS build server (part of Visual Studio Online) I encountered a new issue with NuGet Package Manager that had me frustrated for some time this week. 366 more words

Team Foundation Server

TFS does immediately not see group member changes.

When adding a user to a windows/domain group (e.g. TFS-Users) that has access to a repository on Team Foundation Server it may be that this user does not get immediate access to your Team Collection. 88 more words

Team Foundation Server

TFS - How to set the default Work Item State to "Associate"

By default, in Visual Studio, when you want to check-in some pending changes, the default State value of related work items are to “Resolved”.
You can change this default value to “ 34 more words

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