Force all source control folders to inherit security settings

While working on a code to set the security for source control using the TFS API, I came across a need to  force all children source control folders to inherit from their parent. 88 more words

Team Foundation Server

Update user permissions in source control using TFS API

Recently I had to make changes to our source control permissions, so that a specific group/user is just given read access and all other access is removed. 455 more words

Team Foundation Server

Links of the month (July Edition)

July is gone for nearly two weeks, but I don’t want to miss to share my favorite links of the month. Today I just have a few links, but believe me … they are great. 196 more words


Automatic packages from TFS: #1- Overall plan

Recently I posted an idea for a PowerShell script to extract the set of changed items in TFS needing deployment for a Sitecore project. I left the script at the stage where it gave a list of the files to package, but didn’t actually give you a package definition. 1,734 more words