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Export Build Definitions
Support was added in 2.12.09 for calling out to the TFS Power Tools to dump the definition to file. 789 more words

Team Foundation Server

What did I need to deploy again?

Recently I found myself at the end of a sprint where a collection of developers had worked on a lot of different things in a pre-existing Sitecore solution. 1,476 more words


Setting Up a Continuous Integration Server with Team Foundation Server (TFS)

What is Continuous Integration?

The goal of continuous integration is to allow developers to check in their code, compile it, run the tests, and deploy the application all in a single step. 509 more words


What is Visual Studio Online?

The name “Visual Studio Online” might be misleading. Visual Studio Online is not an online version of Microsoft’s Visual Studio development tool. It is actually an online version of Team Foundation Server (TFS). 462 more words