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The roller coaster of healing - A Letter to Jesus

Dear Jesus:

I don’t know what’s wrong with me. I don’t know why I haven’t wanted to talk to you most of the time during these past few weeks. 618 more words

Hold the Pain

The doctor said the original problem was bone spurs. The pain caused by the spurs caused me to limit my movement. The limited movement caused scar tissue to form which increased the pain; which further limited movement, which eventually led to surgery to remove the bone spurs and scar tissue. 288 more words

Seneca Orientation Week: The Marshmallow Challenge

Wasn’t I just sitting in a two-hour ceremony, waiting to get handed a piece of paper it took me four years to earn? Was I the only one who was more scared than excited to be graduating? 433 more words


11/9/11 - Construction in the Workshop Begins

We spent today sketching and constructing one of the main components of the structure which is the metal car frame. The plan for the frame is to be hung up with a lot of coloured strings. 58 more words

Me in Teams. Blog 54

When you are accustomed to being in charge, like me, it isn’t easy to work in teams. When I work the spotlight is usually on me.  783 more words

Team Work

Working With Teams. Blog 53

I seldom work in groups, but when I do I take personal responsibility for my actions and I offer that other people do the same.  I accept that I cannot tell them what to do or to choose how they should behave but I say what I need to work in the group and commit that I will also act on these standards. 436 more words


Communication is key to your next Event Success

A much sort after or highly recommended Event Manager does not work alone.
Successful events are achieved by having the right mix of people behind the scenes: Event partners, staff, volunteers, vendors and suppliers. 82 more words

Behind The Scenes - Tips And Tricks