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it's not that one

i have a job… it’s not that one

There are a million things you can do in a day: all of which would be useful and interesting.

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let that one go

In rowing, a bad stroke is easy to happen – in fact, it takes years and years of training before rowers are at a level where the good strokes start to become the norm in a crew.  199 more words

Take a Seat Cardboard


Our cardboard creation is starting to take the desired shape.

Lots of cutting circles, mathematical calculations, pattern experimentation.

Our plan now is to construct the top half of the stool, decide on a pattern to print on the stool and start constructing the spherical base.

1 week to go!

Chloe V

Our Core Values: What they really mean to us

Written by Brittney Ramsay

At Britt Land we talk about core values…a lot. But it doesn’t stop there, we live them out on a daily basis, acknowledging when we see others on the team living them out, giving out kudos and taking them into the community. 271 more words

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When will I Learn to Trust the World?!

I missed blogging last night. probably because I feel a bit overwhelmed by a situation at the moment but today I feel happy to share it. 260 more words

Being Involved In Life

I am Morgan (Sipnosis and link)

Morgan is a Coventry University student who loves partying and enjoying life. But he is not always looked as a normal person. If you are tired of watching documentaries about homosexuality showing their weakness with regard to the rest of society here is your film. 86 more words




        Once upon a time a journalism student decided to study abroad. Having watched a lot of documentaries during her lectures in Spain she decided to enroll in a module called Documentary Production. 1,293 more words