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Don't play the "Principal" card unless you have to!

Is it important when making decisions or being part of things that people know you are the principal of the school?
Does that change the way people react to you? 691 more words


The Team Player

During High School, I found employment with a moderately sized chain store. To be honest, it wasn’t the greatest job in the world. Each year, the management made a big to-do about issuing performance reviews to each of its employees. 692 more words

Christians In The Workplace

Policy snooze stack

I am currently reviewing an induction guide at the moment and I want to ensure that it is the simplest document possible. Only what they need to know, then everything else we can give them along the way. 257 more words


Be an activist by being active!

I just recently completed a 100 km walk in 36 hours, 44 minutes (ignore the clock behind us – it was a staggered start, and we had stuffed around a bit after we finished before we got our team photo done!).   501 more words

Development Issues

Macro Photography : Dissection table by drsreekumarm2000

Weaver ants sharing a juvenile jumping spider!

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Treatment –  INSIDE MORGAN


  1. The documental:


Our documental it is going to be about Morgan, a young French boy, who is gay, as well. He has been living in Coventry since 2012. 336 more words


Fun Run!

We all took part in a sponsored fun run to raise money for Operation Christmas Child. How much money did you raise?