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today's meeting (28/08/2014)

When -28/08/2014

Where- WT Level 5 Lab 501

Purpose – Today’s purpose was to discuss and complete the timeline, We have been working on this since last week. 133 more words

Team Work


By Moni’soi Humes

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There is a new generation of entrepreneurs who want it quick, so their only route of survival is to work a job, verses their vision. 311 more words

Success 100

Why Real Innovation Comes From Powerful Pairs | Inc.com

“Joshua Wolf Shenk’s new book out this week, Powers of Two: Finding the Essence of Innovation in Creative Pairs, which, drawing on academic research, historical evidence, and original reportage, he explores what makes creative partnerships tick, from a foundation of trust to a spark that ignites when two people are “as alike as identical twins and as unalike as complete strangers.” I spoke with Shenk about why the lone genius is a myth, creativity is inherently social, and what really makes co-founders turn on each other. 10 more words

A Dangerous Thing