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Agile Pride

Few days ago, while I was observing a daily meeting, one thing caught my immediate attention. Achievement of sprint goal was unlikely and there were mere hours left to the review and demo. 626 more words


Paulson Buoy Team Update - October 2014

Paulson Buoy Team Update – October 2014

Thanks for taking a couple minutes to watch the October 2014 Paulson Buoy Team Update. We love you guys!!! 24 more words


Not A Team Player

I have a confession to make. I am not a team player. I’ve always thought I was a team player, (I have it listed on my resume as one of my wonderful qualities) and it isn’t that I don’t participate in a team setting, I just don’t… 562 more words


Stereotypes and School Rivalries

We all know the cliques and the stereotypes that are attached to them. The band geeks, the Math nerds, the dumb jocks, the teacher’s pet, the English snobs, you’re well aware of them I’m sure. 491 more words


#BringItOnChicago2014 - La historia de mi maratón

Esta es la historia de mi maratón.

El origen

El año pasado, después de un entrenamiento dónde me sentí fuerte, rápida y, para qué les miento, invencible, corrí con mi mamá y le dije: “mamá, ¿y si el año que entra corro el maratón de Chicago?”. 2,531 more words

Lo Más Personal