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Are you feeling insignificant to work in Gods kingdom? I have a couple thoughts for you!

Hello, let me start of by saying I understand… I have been through it, and I have felt useless and totally without purpose.

But Today I am here to tell you, that you make a difference, and you choose wether it is going to be a positive or negative difference… but you touch the people around you! 580 more words

Kära beslutsfattare.

På Socialstyrelsens hemsida står, med anledning av de nationella riktlinjerna för vård och omsorg av personer med demenssjukdom:

All vård och omsorg vid demenssjukdom bör bygga på ett personcentrerat förhållningssätt. 494 more words

From our facebook page: Keswick is rumbling as they Move their Feet!

Michelle Cunningham: “Here are the beginnings of our move your feet display at the Keswick Medical Clinic. We are all really excited for April 23 rd. 65 more words

Like most college students of a certain age, I play a lot of video games in my spare time. Usually I don’t think on how the games I play reflect my academic work, but due to an experience I had recently, maybe I should. 809 more words


Introducing New Team Members!

We have added some new team members to The Triangle!

Rose Chiango
Rose has always been a reader and a writer. She will be getting her MLIS from the University of Pittsburgh. 502 more words


The Concept of Superman

As children we grow up watching superhero films and cartoons and everyone seems to have a favorite hero. Growing up I found I loved SUPERMAN! How can you not love superman he is SUPER. 727 more words