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Samantha's Bio

I am a college student and majoring in graphic design. I love photography, sunflowers, and the color blue. My favorite place to be is Siena, Italy during the summer months.


Amaris' Blog

I am an aspiring singer, actress and Television personnel. I enjoy being in flash mobs dancing the night away. Communication studies is my preferred  major. I believe I will succeed in this field because my personality is too bright to ignore and I work well with others.


8 Tests of highly effective teams

Winning Teams – Winning Cultures
Chapter 4: Winning Teams

“When the top teams live the values and collaborate across the organization for the greater good, they provide a solid foundation for a healthy, high performance organization.” – Winning Teams, Winning Cultures…

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Becky's Bio

I’m a part time student, a part time manager of my husband’s and my business, a part time wife, mother and grandmother and a more than part time writer.  13 more words


My club

Where do I start? How do I start thanking a club that has done so much for me? A picture is worth a thousand words so consider these pictures to be 11000 words of thanks. 152 more words

Revival is Christian for Momentum


I grew up in a Charismatic/Pentecostal church in the 80’s and 90’s, when revival was a buzz-word.  Church today is just not comparable to the way it was.   1,925 more words

Church Leadership