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How to get the best results from your marketing team

Your firm is investing time and money in online marketing, and you rightly expect to work with a team of professionals. If you decide to produce a new website product to better reach potential clients, you expect the process of development to run smoothly. 120 more words

Paying it Forward on Halloween

This year we decided to flip the concept of “trick or treating” on its head. The team gathered this morning in full disguise – A snowboard bum, Tetris block, Carmen Sandiego, a bank thief, “Grumpy Beard”, and last but not least Sherlock Holmes – and we went door to door in our office building handing out candy instead of asking or it! 190 more words


Time to talk?

There is something about the act of exercising that seems to encourage a sense of camaraderie and openness with fellow athletes. I’m not sure if it’s something to do with the physical detachment from ordinary protocols, the shared sense of commitment to a goal, or the mutual understanding of borderline masochism that comes from spending all of your free time, come rain or shine, in your trainers/swimming costume/climbing shoes/other item of sporting attire. 522 more words


Unbreakable Records: Top 10 Individual Career Records in Professional Team Sports

Some milestones will never be repeated. Join http://www.WatchMojo.com as we continue our series of the Greatest Sports Records by counting down our picks for…
by Internet Archive Book Images

Being a “Traditional Student”

I may be what society would call a “Traditional Student”, but I don’t go to a traditional college.

Here it’s fast paced and designed for students to graduate early. 181 more words


Quote of the day: Tony DiCicco on Hope Solo

“Hope hasn’t been the easiest teammate over the years. … I think Hope is basically a good person who has made some mistakes. … But I would want Hope on our team. 56 more words

Hope Solo

Mock up

The most important part of materialized website or application development.
Tough is to focus, focus, focus. Get a deadline online and present incrementally to polish version. 121 more words

Emotional Intelligence