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TeamBackPack presents Oh Blimey and Plane Jane

The female emcees on TeamBackPack rhyme harder than most male rappers on the scene today.  What do you think? It’s crazy how the worthy never get the proper recognition.


TeamBackPack presents Ill Camille, Reverie and Glam

This movement started out in San Francisco but encompasses the top lyricists coming up from around the country.  These women are coming hard out the gate and make those sistas featured on Oxygen’s “Sisterhood of Hip Hop” look like amateurs (with the exception of Siya of course.  She’s a beast.)


Performances: TASK1ne - Road to A3C Cypher

Task goes ham at TeamBackPack’s Road to A3C cypher! Featuring Logic One, & Charlie Muscle with production from JustinKase.