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Fourth Week in October

Teams draw us out. The collective efforts of teammates focused on a single goal can bring out the best in us. But some of us may recoil from the thought of teams, which is understandable. 240 more words

Parachute Games.

Today we played parachute games during our PE session with Mr Davies. We all had a lot fun, especially when we had to work together to shake all the balls off the parachute!


Meeting Recap (10/20/2014)

Last night’s meeting was action packed.  Our focus for the evening was on teamwork and learning to work together cooperatively.

Following our opening ceremony there was the usual time for games including an indoor version of capture the flag led by the Junior Rangers. 490 more words

Christian Service Brigade

Devotional - Teamwork and the Bible

At our Stockade meetings, we “build the stockade” by forming two lines that represent the walls of a fort.  Each group of boys and men are called a “post”. 761 more words

Christian Service Brigade

How to increase productivity by improving teamwork

Employees often cite poor management as one of the biggest contributors to dissatisfaction at work. In fact, some go so far as to say that employees don’t quit bad jobs, but rather bad bosses. 287 more words

Office Culture

Team: The power of We.

People have frequently asked me about running my own business or starting one, more so after they knew how I experienced and successfully recovered from a career burnout… 788 more words



What Do You Value?

All my life I’ve found it easy to make decisions. Good thing I’ve had a solid set of values to help ensure I’m making the right ones. 33 more words