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I don’t normally post fiction on this blog, but I believe this story falls within the tone and theme of this site.

With love,

Russ… 2,185 more words


for john

Hi love

These are golden days that we are in, and I love that we both know it. The spontaneous laughs of disbelief that we should we lucky enough to live for such a time as this. 1,576 more words

Reflection on Commercial Videomaking

For the past two weeks, my groupmates and I worked together to produce an advertising video about Brent School Baguio and the ESLR aspects. For a start, we gathered as a whole to come up with a general theme, specific plot and a story board. 212 more words


Assuming The Best Makes Less of a Mess...

We all know the old adage - “When you assume it makes an …”, I’m sure you can complete it without me writing it!

I think the picture says it perfectly above, 535 more words

Marriage Tips

We Must Put Change To The Test

Change is difficult, more difficult for some than others.  If you are one who becomes rigid when changes are mention, this exercise just might help you out. 235 more words

Office Management

Love and Partnership

As quickly as two people find themselves in a relationship, they find it can end just as fast. That’s because there’s a significant and common misunderstanding of what it means to engage in a serious relationship with another person. 245 more words


"What makes a great engineer?" Pt. 3

In my last post on this question I explained the first two of three areas that my Design Engineering professor this semester said would essentially make up “the complete package.” The first two areas were being grounded in the fundamentals academically and having good hands on experience. 298 more words