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The last day of year 10! 18/7/14

This day was strange as we watched a French film, had a mass and then went home at 1pm. However me, Sarah and Bridget didn’t go home.(well Bridget did as we went to her house!) We decide that we would start to plan out our tea party that we are doing on the 6th of August! 287 more words

Imaginary Tea Party

When I look at these

I think about tea parties!

The fun we would have…

The British Summer Garden Party - Fantastic girls day out!


The royal invite.

Sipping some lemonade.


 The orchestra.

Cakes and cream.


A click with the Sheriff.


Wonderful Gardens.


Highest view of Nottingham city.

The Nottingham Castle. 12 more words

Hold Your Prayers, God is Busy in the Southwest These Days

See, God is a little bit busy these days. If you hadn’t heard, a lot of children have been making their way to Merika these days, fleeing, you know, violence. 834 more words


Aussie Tea Party Patriot

Tony Abbott sounds an awful lot like certain US politicians.

And then there is:

And then:

And this one is really like a GOP politician: 31 more words


Murrieta California

You have such lovely Christians there.  Their attitude towards wayward immigrant children that are refugees  is breathtaking.  Much compassion and an exemplary showing of “What would Jesus Do?”

That is all.

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