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Teddy Bears Picnic

Hello! It’s been a good long while since I have posted on here, Summer has been keeping me busy and in that time has turned ONE! 445 more words

Baby Style

Rape, murder, theft - it can't happen to me. You see, I'm special. And you?

Unfortunately for them, there were at least 88,000 people who were victims of rape, murder, theft in 2013 by the 36,007 illegals (convicted criminals) who were released into American neighborhoods by Hussein Obama that year. 226 more words

We The People

"Isn't it Rich, Aren't we a Pair?" The Koch Brothers and Pope Francis

What do we find in our Sunday newspaper this morning? An opinion piece that conflates the Koch brothers and Pope Francis as being on the same page. 223 more words


Coulter Wrong Again! Romney Caves on Amnesty!

Ann Coulter is wrong again!

In the wake of a GOP election tsunami with a decisive anti-Obama mandate, Mitt Romney caves to a lame-duck president whose policies and agenda were repudiated at the ballot box. 334 more words

Ann Coulter