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Mix of Outrage and Appeals for Calm on Twitter as Ferguson Protests Escalate

As riots broke out in Ferguson, Mo., following a grand jury decision not to indict police officer Darren Wilson for the fatal shooting of black teenager Michael Brown, Twitter was abuzz with reactions. 586 more words

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No race war. Yet. Just TNB when the crybabies don't get their way. I honesty think many of them have such low IQs that they think that only black thugs get shot by police when acting violently. I also think that they burn down the businesses that locate in their neighborhoods because they have to pay to buy things. They don't understand the idea of exchanging your labor for money and then exchanging your money for a pizza. So, tonight they burned down their Little Caesars pizza shop. "Dey be waycist cuz dey be makin' me pay, gnomesayin' muggafugga?"

Read Darren Wilson's Testimony to the Grand Jury

Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson described his side of his fatal altercation with unarmed teen Michael Brown in testimony to a St. Louis County grand jury last month. 175 more words

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[caption id="attachment_15585" align="alignnone" width="584"]Darren Wilson, showing facial bruising. Darren Wilson, showing facial bruising.[/caption]

When Hope Is Engulfed In Flames: Ferguson On The Night of The Darren Wilson Grand Jury Decision

Hope is like an appendage that hangs from your soul. It is flexible and it is lithe. It reaches out to grab hold of the things it needs to sustain it. 1,617 more words

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Here We Go Again: Watts Riots, Rodney King, Ferguson

By Zerline Hughes

My mom always drilled into my head the saying, “if we don’t learn from our history, we are doomed to repeat it.” Dare I say she — and the original quoter, … 344 more words

Watch A CNN Crew Get Hit With Tear Gas During The Ferguson Protest (UPDATE)

Chris Cuomo, Don Lemon and several other members of a CNN crew were reporting live from the Ferguson protests when they were hit with canisters of tear gas. 101 more words


Ferguson Officer Darren Wilson Not Indicted In Michael Brown Shooting

So their GRAND JURY heard all the evidence and now they decided in the middle of the night -


BUT WE KNEW THAT ALREADY… 862 more words

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Weekend wrap-up

IT’S BEEN a long time since the last Odds & Ends post:

1. I’ve abandoned my Facebook page. As so many people ahead of me have noticed, it’s a real time-waster. 563 more words