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I think the scariest part about it was that I didn’t know if once it ended, there would be anyone to whom I could talk. Who would believe me? 344 more words

Double Tear Drop Crystal Clip-on Earring - Wedding Jewelry - Chandelier

Top tear drop is made of channel set Austrian Crystals encompassing a single Austrian Crystal, while lower tear drop is a double outline of channel set Austrian Crystals. 14 more words

A Tear and A Smile

I would not exchange the sorrows of my heart
For the joys of the multitude.
And I would not have the tears that sadness makes… 307 more words


A dusty letter

With a little dirt and a bullet bust,

I write this letter so you may know what you must;

This war ain’t no bad dream or a fantasy, 161 more words

The gales were howling that moonlit night,
The leaves, they shook so hard, seeming to fight.
The moon became so ardent to play the “hide and seek” 184 more words

Once a tear said to a smile: "I envy your joy" A smile replied...

Once a tear said to a smile: “I envy your joy” A smile replied:

“You’re wrong .. I’m a mask of your pain”

Ocean Of Wishdom

Bring the thunder!

Wow two nights in a row our country was hit with electrical storms that truly make your jaw drop in amazement. The immense power that cracks upon that cloudy sky turning day into night for just a few seconds, tearing the sky apart with blue, white and yellow, reminding you of where you are! 152 more words