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The Tear Machine.

Son, the tear machine’s gonna dry up one day
Tired from the all the work it’s done
Tired from mincing your grief away
Tired from washing away your burns… 133 more words

Vocabulary Day 4


1. jump or spring a long way, to a great height, or with great force.

Eg: “he leapt on to the parapet”

2. move quickly and suddenly. 400 more words


The Jean Journey's first photoshoot

Denim is a dynamic fabric constantly changing, as are things here at The Jean Journey. The past two weeks have seen a second spectacular tear to my elder Slim Jims, although happily I think it matches another tear. 278 more words

Personal stuff - Read at your own risk

I cried some of the most genuine tears that I’ve felt in a very long time tonight. I’ve kept things bottled up for so long, but it felt truly good to let some of that out. 160 more words


Tear Drop

Ghost of himself,
Out in the cold,
Orphaned by war drones.
Before leaving home,
From his eyes fell a tear drop!

Broken apart in tears, 101 more words