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There goes a tear,
in silence.
Smile that I wear,
flows down to it
Unabashed. Fearless.

You & Me

Michigan State's basketball not letting ACL injury affect their psyche.

By Cameron K Dunlap
JRN 200 Student

While star NBA players continue to fall victim to the ACL tear, Michigan State’s basketball teams continues to avoid this career altering injury. 455 more words


Behind the VEIL...

So Easter is finally here – Hurray!!!

One of the longest holidays all employed Kenyans eagerly await; so that they can have a break early in the year – some go to the Coast (#Mambasani) especially coz it’s off peak and the tourists are going back to their countries coz it’s getting warmer – so hotels and other services are cheaper. 1,034 more words

Life And Faith

Postpartum Mama Kit

You might remember my hellish postpartum after Isla was born. I swear I had every ailment imaginable: Tear? Check. Hemorrhoid? Check. Clotting? Check. UTI? Check. Sore back? 537 more words


• From Care to Prayer

Our lives filled with cares are not there to make us tear, but rather through them we are led to prayer to know how much for us our Heavenly Father cares.

- M.A. Williams

Mark Anthony Williams

When Life Gets Real, You Toughen Up

How does Crossfit help you in life outside the box?

I was contemplating this while sitting in a mental health facility–you know, the kind where they keep the doors locked. 523 more words


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"As I sat in the red chair, looking into the garden through windows marked with two large, greasy handprints, contemplating words like Parkinson’s and dementia, I felt my core weaken. The weight of five worlds was finally starting to push me to the ground."

The Legend of Heroes: A Tear of Vermillion - Sony PSP

SONY PSP Role-Playing Games | The Legend of Heroes: A Tear of Vermillion – Sony PSP

Legend Of Heroes makes you the hero of a world engulfed in war. 35 more words