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Some new hoses

Two hoses needed to be reneved on my car. The first was the hose for the oil pressure gauge. On my car, this was a custom made solution with a nylon hose going from the oil filter to the gauge in the instrument cluster. 154 more words


Museums Should be More Popular Than Theme Parks

One of the field trips that we set up as part of our Detroit tour was a trip to The Henry Ford Museum. After a rather disappointing first half hour wandering around the static exhibits of nicely polished cars we latched onto the part of the museum that’s starts the serotonin pump for anyone who is engineering-minded. 165 more words

Transportation Hacks

The coils and their final position

This is what the engine looks like with the coils in their final position, with all the wires connected

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Samsung Gear Live teardown reveals ‘repairability score’ of ‘8 out of 10’

It looks like repair experts at iFixit have been busy taking wearables apart. It has torn down the Android Wear-powered LG G Watch and now it has done the same with the Samsung Gear Live, giving the smartwatch a “repairability score” of “8 out of 10.” This simply means that the device is easy to repair. 123 more words

Tektronix 491 Spectrum Analyzer Teardown and Analysis

Hi all,

  After such a long time, I am finally going to start blogging again! Perhaps someone can measure the period of time from the previous post to this and get the Poincare recurrence time! 809 more words

Making new ignition wires

Since I want to use an EDIS-8 igintion, my origional Mercedes-Benz ignition wires does not fit on the EDIS coils. There was several options here. I could go to a scrapyard and try to salvage 8 wires from different Fords, if there was any cars with the correct wires there… 73 more words


Ignition and fuel back on the engine

Sorry for the absence of new posts in june. I had hoped to be able to complete the car early in june, but when I realised that was not possible, I slowed down. 111 more words