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Google's Project Tango gets torn apart, reveals Kinect-like motion sensors

Have you been wondering what makes Google’s 3D mapping Project Tango tablet tick? The tinkerers at iFixit have managed to get their hands on the device and performed a little exploratory surgery on the device in the name of science. 126 more words


Next steps in my 280TE project

The underside and the engine bay is now more or less finished. I will probably continue the main parts of this project next year. I am eager to start working on something else for a while. 383 more words


Final ride height

After rolling the fender flares, I decided that the ride height was way too low with the H&R springs. So I decided to use the original springs instead, but shorten them one cm to get the car two cm lower than it was before this whole project started. 59 more words


High end Agilent gear service manuals


Here is just a really quick post on getting teardown pictures of Agilent gear.

I have been reading through the Agilent company website (now Keysight) and stumbled upon a goldmine. 189 more words

Reverse Engineering a NAND Flash Device Management Algorithm

Put your hand under you chin as here comes a 6 months long jaw-dropping reverse engineering work: getting the data back from a (not so) broken SD card. 246 more words

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A look inside Xiaomi Mi4...

Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi recently debuted its latest flagship smartphone, the Mi4. According to a teardown by the folks at GizmoChinathe newly-unveiled device is powered by Atmel’s  295 more words

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07-05-2014 Getting Started

Today we started with the restoration of my bug. Avery, my 20 year old son, and Miles, my 15 year old son agreed to help me with this task. 54 more words