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God Damn, I'm Horny as Fuck!

I’m just starting on the third week of my current denial, and this is always the time when my horny level kicks into high gear. Add to the fact that we are starting to settle in to our new home, which gives My Lady more time to concentrate on driving me crazy and satisfying her incredible horny pussy, and it’s no mystery why I’m really feeling the frustration now. 484 more words


Tease, Tease, #Tease and Release--Just Kidding. No Release For You Yet!

Well it is daddy’s naughty girl day. If that’s taboo for you, well boo hoo, shoo shoo. ;-)

Time to step up the game, my deliciously wicked fellow deviants. 286 more words


Je ne regrette rien

He was late. Fortunately, I had Toblerone and Vanity Fair to keep me entertained while I sipped a cup of tea and relaxed on the sofa. 633 more words


"I Don't Think We're Gonna Try That Again"

It seemed like a good idea. Ok, maybe not a GOOD idea, but definitely and interesting one.

My Lady and I were looking forward to spending the night together, as she has had a craving to give me an intense teasing and I have been craving any and all attention she will give me. 470 more words


State of the Unit - This is CNN (Cock News Network)

Today marks the 17th day of uninterrupted cage time for my lonely cock, equaling my previous milestone for longest 24/7 lockup period. I thought it would be a good day to take stock of my current situation. 710 more words

Male Chastity