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NEEHU5, A Personal Recap, Part 5, Saturday Night

Just How Many Settings Does the Sonic Screwdriver Have?

Warning: The Following is Moderately NSFW. All subjects involved have reviewed the portions they appeared in and have given their consent to describing the scenes listed below. 4,069 more words

Tease of the Day: March 7, 2014

Another teasing and denial game of chance.

The teasee rolls dice to determine how many edging sessions the teasee must endure before next being allowed to orgasm. 126 more words


Teasing Short Story: "I Hate You (Damn it, Let me Come!)"

A teasing short story, with just a touch of BDSM, for your enjoyment.

“Damn it! I hate you!  I hate you! I absolutely fucking hate you!” 1,877 more words


Secret sauce

The other day, I went to my trainer session just as Belle was finishing hers. Our schedule is such that I’m always after her now. I helped scrape her off the floor and was being affectionate and stuff (I sometimes really like how the sweaty, post-workout Belle smells and tastes) and our trainer made some comment about “the secret” to our marriage. 1,128 more words

Life With Belle

Tease of the Day: March 4, 2014

A combination of teasing and forced exhibitionism good for warm beach weather.

After the teasee has been teased and denied for several days, edge the teasee severely just before heading out to the beach.   220 more words


Tease of the Day: March 3, 2014

A teasing game of chance. The game uses normal dice with numbers from one to six on each die.

Begin just after the teasee has recently been allowed a full and satisfying release. 660 more words


Her choice

I woke up this morning like I wake up nearly every morning; penis locked and straining against its chastity device. By the time I left the bed, I was still locked up, but in between Belle let me out for some fun. 887 more words

Life With Belle