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Steller: Unlock Your Inner Storyteller

Social networking is a huge market these days and, though sometimes it seems to be saturated, the world is never going to turn down an amazing new way to connect.  358 more words


Apple TV tech tip

In large scale wifi network deployments it is often necessary to implement peer-to-peer blocking protocols in order to stop devices interfering with each other.  While this does provide a much better, and arguably safer, end user experience, the approach does restrict the use of screen sharing devices such as  Apple TV or  Chromecast. 105 more words


Twitter's New look

Twitter has unveiled there new look design and here is there Tweet about it

New web profiles are now available for everyone. Update yours today with a pinned Tweet or a new header image.

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Little-known facts about the ‘Sonic The Hedgehog’ video game series

In this video, All Time 10s shares “ten little-known facts about the Sonic the Hedgehog video game series,” like how Sonic’s original name was Mr. Needlemouse and that Michael Jackson worked on the music in Sonic 3.


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Silicon Valley companies are famous for having lots of cash. Apple, for example, is sitting on $40 billion, while Google has $58.7 billion. What are they going to do with all that money? 361 more words


Cloud Offices

I think highfalutin offices are often like a skyscraper indicator for individual companies, almost always coming near the peak of corporate success. So I’m finding the number of tech company offices showing up on architectural sites rather disturbing. 450 more words