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San Jose police discover that, yes, they did buy a drone

If this was in a cop show, it might be called “The Case of the Missing Drone.”

In an epic back-and-forth with the Police Department of San Jose, Calif., … 505 more words


Netflix Is Paying AT&T To Make Movies Stream Faster

Despite its public war against interconnection fees, Netflix has signed another paid peering deal with an Internet Service Provider to improve the quality of its streaming and reduce buffering for its subscribers. 284 more words

Meet the Woman Keeping Silicon Valley in Check

Edith Ramirez is probably not the most popular person in Seattle right now. As the chairwoman of the Federal Trade Commission, she’s currently suing two of the city’s biggest tech companies: Amazon, for allegedly making it too easy for kids to rack up… 1,493 more words

Why Twitter and the Rest of Silicon Valley Should Disclose Their Diversity Data

Twitter has become the largest media platform for minority voices on the planet. Everything from the Trayvon Martin case to the BET Awards has become the equivalent of a front-page headline on the site thanks to the social network’s trending topics, which aggregate the most popular conversations and present them to all Twitter users. 893 more words

File sharing lawsuits are a waste of money, says the American Bar Association

Lawyers organization the American Bar Association has a message for its 400,000 members: File-sharing lawsuits “do not yield significant financial returns,” so stop filing them. 359 more words


Net neutrality protestors crash FCC website, drive it back to the age of handwritten letters

As the Net Neutrality feedback deadline looms, an overflow of submissions broke the Federal Communications Commission’s public comment tool today.

As a result of the downtime, the… 89 more words