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Let's Talk About Policy, Please? Maybe? Secretary of Commerce Comes to Silicon Valley.

U.S. Secretary of Commerce Penny Pritzker arrived in Silicon Valley early Monday morning to check in with entrepreneurs.

A marathon-running, no-nonsense woman in gray slacks, Pritzker has been working hard to build a better relationship between Washington, D.C., and the sometimes notoriously anti-government, … 766 more words


Sen. Cornyn: We need to limit the business of 'frivolous' patent litigation

AUSTIN, Texas — Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX) said yesterday that introducing new patent reform legislation is high on his agenda when a new body of Congress convenes in 2015. 665 more words


What Google is telling people who want to be forgotten

This item has been corrected.

Google is on the road in Europe, travelling with a merry band of enlisted experts from Madrid to Brussels via other major European cities. 441 more words

Strength of a worrisome generalist vs. technology

When any technological field such as biotechnology continues advancing in breaking formerly-impossible barriers, there should be at least one concerned-but-informed voice that invites discussions.

Technology advocates might call him or her a non-expert, coward or dragging force to better life assisted by technologies. 648 more words

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White House taps Google's Megan Smith as the country's new CTO

The White House has nominated Google executive Megan Smith as the country’s new chief technology officer, making her only the third person to assume the role since it was created. 262 more words


Name you should know: Danny Marti, Obama's nomination for new 'piracy czar'

Contrary to its descriptive-sounding name, the position of “piracy czar” doesn’t actually require knowledge of swashbuckling and looking good why wearing an eye patch.

No, it’s actually a role created by Congress under the… 235 more words


For one student, dreams of drone-based advertising take flight

Raj Singh’s moment of revelation came in November of last year, when Amazon.com founder Jeff Bezos hawked a line of package-delivering drones to Charlie Rose on… 991 more words