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“Tech Savvy” will lead to "Tech Stupid” in Generation Z

It’s not difficult to see that the gap between traditional and tech is growing; things that 10 years ago we didn’t contemplate as needing a tech-injection have had just that – Smart TVs, Smart Central Heating… Even Smart Motorways. 610 more words


Fonts appear in strange squares and symbols on Pages - how to fix for Mac Users

What’s the worse that can happen when you try to open  a document file? A taunting pop up message may appear suggesting that you file is corrupted leaving you in utter gloom and doom or just as bad, an essay you were writing does open but the once recognised fonts all appear in a strange  set of symbols and you are left scratching you head wondering what is this? 199 more words


Getting down to business...about wearable tech (and Black Friday)!

So being an avid shopper I’ve been scouring the ads for the upcoming Black Friday blowout at any store who’s advertisements I could get my hands on.   502 more words


Young and Wired

Mom and Dad can never turn on the damn DVD player.

“I just want to watch my John Wayne movie,” my Mama says, “but the screen keeps saying… 576 more words


Getting down to business...about more wearable tech!

In addition to researching Diane von Furstenberg’s Made for Glass line, I also have had the opportunity to look at Tory Burch’s collaboration with the wearable tech company Fitbit.   624 more words


Tech ...Savvy.... Entity expanding his skills

I have been blogging about my husband and my phone’s and how I usually hear the background breathy …soft or loud interference and occasional word. 139 more words


How to solve the 'Debug Port 9000 already in use' problem on Aptana Studio 3

Some users who use Aptana Studio 3 for Web development may at some point experience this issue especially after configuring php executable which allows a web server to run with Aptana Studio. 182 more words