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15 Revealing Facts About Women In Tech & Innovation

FACT: 68% of women enroll in college (compared to 63% of men), and women increasingly outnumber men in college graduation rates.

WHY is it then that women still make up only a quarter of the tech industry workforce? 1,020 more words


Dear Tech CEOs: Go public, for the good of the country

Ordinary Americans are being deprived of the opportunity to reap financial rewards from investing in promising young technology companies. Not by regulation or a lack of cash, but by the companies themselves. 652 more words


Meet Elizabeth Holmes, The Youngest Female Self-Made Billionaire Changing The World With Medical Technology

WiLab Spotlight: Woman in Innovation

At age 19, Elizabeth Holmes left Stanford University and founded Theranos, a revolutionary blood diagnostics company that aims to proactively detect signs of a medical condition or disease in early stages. 465 more words


Spacesuit technology is making its way into high-end dress shirts so men sweat less

The founders of Ministry of Supply (MoS) have created a high-end dress shirt from the same materials that NASA uses in US spacesuits to regulate body temperature. 421 more words

TashiTalk: Risking It All To Do What You Love

As law school graduation approached, the startup venture I had been building and working on for the past three years was not only losing money on an hourly basis, but user growth had stagnated and we were running out of ideas. 499 more words


Google to set up $100 million European venture capital fund

Google Inc. is to set up a new venture capital arm in Europe to access some of the Old Continent’s best new ideas, the Financial Times… 185 more words