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98% of Art is Bad. A Conversation with the Founder of The Two Percent: Changing How We Experience Art

I studied art history in college. Of all people to be excited to go to an art gallery in the mecca of the art world, it would be me. 2,010 more words

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Meet The Women Challenging The Media And Tech Establishments

Female journalists are launching their own media ventures that could rewrite how the industry produces and funds content.

Not many journalists would leave a high-profile job at one of America’s most storied newspapers to create their own startup. 1,248 more words

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Five Must-Read Career Strategies for Women in Tech

It seems as if every day someone in my network is sending me an article about challenges facing women in technology. If I had to summarize all the articles into a six word story, it might read, “75 percent pay, 25 percent women, 5 percent CEO.” On nearly every dimension that can be calculated, women are coming up short. 1,101 more words


How to Master the Art of Unconference-ing

You’ve probably heard the word “unconference” bouncing around among colleagues and friends, or you’ve seen it to describe daylong events. For those of you wondering what on earth they’re about and how to properly participate, fear not: it’s time for a crash course so that you’re prepared for the real deal. 1,324 more words

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A disruptor shakes up angel investing

One recent evening a group of institutional money managers was ushered into a backroom at San Francisco brasserie the Cavalier via an unmarked secret entrance that most customers would mistake for an emergency fire exit. 931 more words


Question for Fall of 2014: iPhone or Samsung?

After asking this same question just last week, I have gained some knowledge on the two. I warn you now, I have had the iPhone, so I was used to Apple. 348 more words

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In Russia, an attempt to build its own Silicon Valley on the Moskva River

On the eve of Russia’s Open Innovations Forum and Exhibition, in a beautifully refurbished event space overlooking the Moskva River in what used to be the Red October candy factory, Dmitry Repin answers my question with another question: “If not here, then where?” he inquires. 1,126 more words