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Trucks and couplers

For trucks, I use Kadee HO Archbar trucks. They’re sprung, come with metal wheel sets, and are metal themselves, so they put a nice bit of weight just where it’s needed. 36 more words

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If your Magic Mouse keeps jumping to the top-left corner of your screen on your Hackintosh

The Problem

When using a Magic Mouse, Magic Trackpad, or any other bluetooth pointing device with your Hackintosh, the cursor keeps jumping to the top-left corner of the screen. 212 more words

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Dancing Water Speakers

Dancing Water Speakers are the latest craze in smartphone accessories. Listen to your music from your smartphone, iPod, or tablet and get a light & water show at the same time! 70 more words

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(w/ coupons) The cheapest 27" IPS 4K monitor - Dell P2715Q

If you’re looking for a desktop monitor┬áthat meets the following criteria:

  • 4K 3840×2160 resolution;
  • IPS panel;
  • 27 inches diagonal;
  • Not ridiculously expensive:

Then the newly released… 130 more words

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Solve failure to switch to Microsoft account with code 0xd0000072


On Windows 8.1, when trying to switch to your Microsoft account in PC Settings, it tells you “We are sorry, but something went wrong. This user wasn’t added to this PC. 49 more words

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Wire (app) - A potential game changer.

I normally don’t do app reviews, but I got up today and thought why not. My exams got over and I am personal life is in a pretty bad shape. 789 more words