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Why you should use PNG for image editing


PNGs have an alpha channel, so you can have irregularly shaped images for things like icons.

Lossless Compression

JPG is a lossy format. This is good for webpages to use, because smaller, compressed files save load times. 163 more words

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All in a CLOUD...

Fished out some tech stuff too. If you have been reading my previous blogs you know the background. Brushing the dust off some of my old work….. 499 more words

Cloud Computing

Awesome Alert - Hendo Hoverboard

When I was young I took the wheels off of my Ninja Turtle Skateboard with the hope that it would magically float. This was after watching Marty McFly wiz through the futuristic streets of Hill Valley in… 431 more words

Small step to the Big-Data world

What is Big Data? If someone asks you this question, you wouldn’t be required to formulate a long-nerdy-complex definitions instead you could just say it is any technique which helps to manage huge chunks of data which could not be easily processed using conventional data management mechanisms.  275 more words

Big Data

Spectacular view from Space

This editor took the pictures from The International Space Station and made it even more amazing!

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