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You suck at covert operations, Mr. Holloway

It’s been over a year since I posted.  I really need to work on being a little more consistent. Maybe it’s because I’ve cut back on my coffee consumption.   337 more words


Analysis of my Cab ride to office

I have been abusing  my office life a lot lately. Man it sucks anyways. So the last weekend I met one of my mentors(Anirudh Sharma) at MIT Media Lab DIY workshop. 424 more words

Tech Stuff

How and when to reset your PRAM.

Ok Mac users stop what you’re doing and pay attention. This is important. The information I’m about to bestow upon you could very well save your computer one day. 285 more words

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Google Speech API in Python

Today I am going to discuss about using Google Speech API with Python. I have been recently to get this thing working but wasn’t getting struck at lots of places…. 550 more words


Facial Recognition using Python and OpenCV

So from past few days I was working of Facebook API and experimenting and then I started working on face recognition. Today while playing football, I suddenly got this idea making a face recognizer for my Facebook friends and hence I thought of downloading the Facebook friends profile pics and training on it… 1,399 more words


Optical Character Recognition in Python

Looks like I am on a blogging spree…. So here it goes…

Today I am going to write about different OCR libraries at our disposal which includes : 736 more words