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This is not a Hubble photo of a supernova—it's food

Ajay Malghan makes a living by playing with food and taking pictures of it. He cuts a thin slice of carrot, kiwi or any other fruit, presses it in between two glass sheets and experiments with light, colors and proportions. 172 more words


Calvin and Hobbes creator's new comic strips are now for sale

Bill Watterson’s new comic strip originals—born from his collaboration with Stephan Pastis—are now up for sale for the benefit of Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research. 104 more words


The GX3 Review: Striiv Touch Smart Watch + Fitness Tracker

Like many first adopters, my “Sold” listings area on eBay looks like a graveyard for devices that weren’t quite ready for primetime. The Striiv Touch wearable wrist band was thisclose to joining the others before a firmware update that was released on July 18.  1,776 more words


Finally, A Novel About People Tweeting About Writing Their Novels

In late 2011, New York-based programmer and musician Corey Arcangel started a Twitter account to retweet people sharing posts about “working on their novels.” Flip to two and a half years later and Arcangel is publishing his own novel composed of only the best tweets from the world’s future novelists. 154 more words

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Guy splits bullet in two firing it against a machete, hits two targets

According to the Rated RR guys, this is the most difficult trick in the world: Fire a bullet against a machete and split it in two hitting two targets. 47 more words