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WordPress.org vs. WordPress.com





WordPress tutorial by Robert Wimer


A closer look at "cyber terrorism"

GRAND CHUTE – President Obama confirmed today North Korea is responsible for the cyber attacks launched against Sony Pictures. The country is accused of hacking Sony, releasing thousands of sensitive documents over the controversial movie “The Interview.” 320 more words


Augustana Administration Bans Yik Yak App

The popular app Yik Yak is a new form of social media that allows users to post anonymously to a message board. Those within ten miles of the poster with the app can then view those anonymous posts. 263 more words


Matt DiIulio reblogged this on Matthew DiIulio and commented:

Augustana announced today that the college will block the popular social app "Yik Yal" on its campus network. It seems a little ridiculous for them to ban free speech on their network. Their explanation for blocking Yik Yak is also absurd. You shouldn't block a social network because of the bad few who choose to be trolls.

Follow me ghost car navigation is the definitive road guide

Jaguar Land Rover says they are developing a 360 Virtual Urban Windscreen that "will allow drivers to get a complete, unhindered view of the road." I can’t wait for this to be real and standard in every car, although it’s probably still a long time away. 32 more words


Starting a Website - Domain and Hosting

What to consider first

What they don’t tell you

You should research first where to buy your domain and the services of the hosting site. 10 more words


Video: How airplanes are made

Building a commercial airplane is a monumental task. It takes around 4,000 really smart engineers over 7 years of planning to make one of those flying tubes with countless experts testing and re-testing each individual part (and there are 2.65 million parts in an Airbus A350). 58 more words


Holiday beard edges out the ugly sweater for festive silliness

By now, the ugly sweater has become ubiquitous — with even staid office parties now hosting ugly sweater contests. That means it’s time to move on to something more edgy. 89 more words