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"Fixing" a Belkin iPhone dock

I probably should have read more reviews before buying this Belkin iPhone dock, as it turns out, it won’t work if you have a case on the phone. 173 more words

Techie Stuff

Are Apple Geniuses actually Geniuses?

Now that the bendgate has started to die down, apple seems to be again pushing the technological boundaries.

Once thought to be a just clever job title, apple genius bar workers–shortened to geniuses–have been a staple of the apple store experience. 210 more words


Adding a little variety

As a social media lover, and manager, it can seem I’m always using social networks from the same system. What I mean by this is that I tend to work from my desk, on a PC (yes I know, I’m a PC and I love it!) and usually from hootsuite, pinterest, Facebook etc on their desktop sites. 175 more words


Just call me Captain Paranoid (but I'm not the only one)

Okay, I know at least 1 of you also do this, have done this, or knows someone who does it….. I am talking about putting a piece of duct tape over the built in camera, and putting a cotton ball then a piece of duct tape over the micro phone …. 563 more words


A Tweak Here and There ( Playing with the dash board)

So as time goes on I get more and more used to word press and it’s workings, Today I decided to explore the dash board and fiddle with the settings , widgets,and back grounds. 334 more words