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New Toy - Bluetooth Headset

I’m getting ready to head off on Monday for my next Four Corners Bike Ride. In preparation I’ve bought myself a new toy:-

Having looked at numerous bluetooth headsets to link with my iPhone 5 so that I can get instructions from it’s Sat Nav I settled on this one. 336 more words

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Tech round-up

I’m not dead guys. Sorry to disappoint (Maybe I shouldn’t say that in case something bad happens to me). My uni exams and assessments pretty much took up my time. 1,609 more words


The Victorian Internet: A series of tubes

Appropriately enough for the nation that pioneered the first telegraphs, the French had their own twist on the use of pneumatic tubes. For of all the tube networks built around the world, the most successful was in Paris, where sending and receiving…

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The Victorian Internet: You had me at .... . .-.. .-.. ---

“Romances of the Telegraph,” an article published in Western Electrician in 1891, tells the story of a “pretty little romance” that took place at a remote station out in the desert at Yuma, Arizona… There was nothing to do, it was unbearably hot and very difficult to sleep, so unsurprisingly the operator at the station, John Stansbury, turned to the telegraph wire for companionship.

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So how much money is there is this book writing job anyway?

People do occasionally ask this question. Normally they’re too polite; sometimes they just assume the money just keeps rolling in. Other times when they actually meet me they make the inspired guess that it doesn’t put my amateur status at risk. 1,192 more words