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5 Tablets For Your Holiday Wish List

As a kid, you used to be good all year to save up brownie points for that big item on your Christmas list. A laptop used to be that item of choice. 491 more words


Top 10 Games For Last-Minute Holiday Gifts

In 2014, there seemed to be a resurgence of quality game creation, as more great games were released than “rump-a-pum-pums” doled out by the Little Drummer Boy. 978 more words


Top 5 Phones You Should Consider Buying This Holiday

With the holidays rapidly approaching smartphones take on a whole new level of importance. Not only just for staying in contact with friends and family out of town, but a good one can be a welcome distraction from those visitors that have over stayed their welcome. 451 more words


If You Own An iPhone, You Should Probably Buy The Apple Watch

With everyone jumping into the wearable device market, the arms race for who gets to occupy the space on your wrist is heating up and the stakes are getting higher. 662 more words


Torque Royale Press Launch: #HeadTurners Phones, Phablets and Tablets

Hello everyone! Are you a techie? If yes, then run down to this post and discover what Torque Mobile has in store for you this Christmas. 413 more words