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The surprising American consensus on coal

While reading the New York Times coverage of Obama’s new carbon compact with China, I was stunned to learn that only “twenty-one percent of Americans think producing electricity from coal is a good idea.” For the sake of comparison, … 133 more words

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The most curious-est Synagogue in New Haven

I typed “Church” into Google maps in an effort to identify which house of worship is responsible for the noontime bells that have — on occasion — proven far more effective than my (much earlier) alarm at rousing me from my slumber. 114 more words


Who says the media can't write responsible Ebola headlines?

One oft-maligned symptom of the ongoing Ebola outbreak is the tendency of media organizations to overplay the risk it poses to the general public. News outlets based in this country’s largest city have proven hardly more immune than have its residents: “ 110 more words