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Holotropic - Permeate (Review)

Holotropic are from Slovakia and play Progressive Technical Extreme Metal. This is their début album.

I wasn’t sure what this was going to sound like and was afraid it was going to be some wishy-washy, formless nonsense. 312 more words


Despondent - Awakening the Elder Gods

 Holy. Fucking. Shit. I should’ve known what I was getting myself into when I simply just saw the band logo which I had a hard time reading. 241 more words

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Job for a Cowboy's "Tarnished Gluttony" (Demonocracy, 2012)

Job for a Cowboy – wow where to begin. To be fair, I got dragged into the never-ending love/hate argument that seems to follow this band. 480 more words

Mnemosyne (Music/Health)

Hacride's Introversion from "Back To Where You've Never Been" (2013)

I have said this many times and it never seems to be proven wrong: French Metal Bands are absolutely AMAZING!

There is something about the gentle lazy-river melody that begins this album that suspends you in anticipation. 339 more words

Mnemosyne (Music/Health)

In Torment - Sphere of Metaphysical Incarnations (Review)

This is the third album from Brazilian band In Torment. They play Technical/Brutal Death Metal.

In Torment don’t take any prisoners. Indeed, they probably haven’t even heard of the concept of mercy if this album is anything to go by. 211 more words


Carnality - Dystopia (Review)

Carnality are a Technical Death Metal band from Italy. This is their second album.

The singer has the kind of infectious growl I love. It’s deep and rough but focused and compact as well. 159 more words