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Baring Teeth - Ghost Chorus Among Old Ruins (Review)

This is Baring Teeth’s second album. They are from the US and they play Progressive/Technical Death Metal.

With a cover that gives nothing away, I was intrigued to find out what lay within… 189 more words


Solace Of Requiem - Casting Ruin - ViciSolum Productions

Technical Death Metal with inventiveness.

Not only is Solace Of Requiem brutal, but it also has a plenty of creativity to bring to the fold: They aren’t reinventing the wheel but heck, how it’s becoming difficult for one to find a new brutal death metal act that shows something good to listen to. 140 more words


Mnemosyne’s Guide to Awesome Metal Albums of 2014

Hannes Grossmann – The Radial Covenant (2014)

Genre: Technical Death Metal with elements of Progressive and Fusion Metal.

Sounds like: The Faceless, Necrophagist, Cynic, Death (of course, Obscura’s main song from Cosmogenesis is like a direct tribute) 56 more words

Mnemosyne (Music/Health)

Swine Overlord - Parables Of Umbral Transcendence - Gore House Productions

Slamming in the underground.

Slamming death metal never was my favorite style, because for me it was a synonym of deathcore with another name. I covered one or another band here, with some harsh critics. 223 more words


Decimation - Reign of Ungodly Creation (Review)

Decimation are from Turkey and this is their third album. They play Brutal Death Metal.

Is it wrong that I knew I was going to like this album as soon as I saw the album cover? 243 more words


New Video and Single: Ophidian I - Whence They Came

To keep the interest in their forthcoming second album at a nice bubbling temperature, the Icelandic technical death band Ophidian I have a released a single which they recorded during pre-production. 127 more words


Bands You Should Know: Beheading Of A King

Beheading of a King is a young technical death metal band from Montreal, Quebec that have already overcome the sort of tragedy that would splinter many bands…

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