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Phobiatic - Fragments of Flagrancy (Review)

Phobiatic are from Germany and this is their second album of Technical Death Metal.

Phobiatic’s Death Metal is both technical and brutal and takes cues from the likes of Dying Fetus – huge brutal riffs combine with intricate, swirling leads to create a monster of a Death Metal assault. 119 more words


Torn the Fuck Apart - Sexually Transmitted Torture (Review)

Torn the Fuck Apart are from the US. They play Death Metal and this is their second album.

Torn the Fuck Apart combine Brutal Slamming Death Metal with Technical Death Metal to sound like the bastard offspring of Dying Fetus and Cannibal Corpse. 161 more words


Inexorable - Morte Sola (Review)

This is the latest EP from German Technical Death Metal band Inexorable.

It starts with Doom. First track, Praeludium Mortis, is 2:39 of slow, agonising crawling through broken glass and razor shards. 255 more words


Azooma - A Hymn Of The Vicious Monster (Review)

Azooma are from Iran and play Death Metal.

A nice acoustic intro starts us off, shortly followed by the opening track Self-Infected. It’s immediately apparent that the band can play well, and also that the type of Death Metal they play is non-standard. 195 more words


Apocrophex - Wheels Within Wheels (Review)

Apocrophex are from the US and this is their début EP. They play Technical Death Metal.

This is only a short release; 2 songs in just under 5 minutes. 147 more words


Arsis celebrating record's 10th anniversary with tour

In case you haven’t heard, not long ago American tech-death group Arsis announced an anniversary tour for their debut offering A Celebration of Guilt during which they would play the album in its entirety. 165 more words


Reciprocal - New Order of the Ages (Review)

This is Reciprocal’s second album of Technical Death Metal. They are from the US.

A strong start introduces the band and their heavy, sprawling sound to the listener. 291 more words