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What a Guy

First published in 1934 and widely regarded as the first book to popularise recreational snorkelling and scuba diving, Guy Gilpatric’s, “The Compleat Goggler”, concludes with, … 529 more words

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Tekcamp the report

What’s Tekcamp all about then? The idea is a simple one, come to Vobster, stay from Monday to Friday and get 2 sessions every day based around loads of different skills and tasks with top technical diving instructors. 763 more words

IST JT-40 Wing and Steel Backplate

If you follow my blog you know I love wings! Not the hot and spicy chicken ones but a good quality diving wing!

The IST JT-40 is just that, a well built, durable diving wing. 244 more words


Artificial Reefs

It has long been recognised that fish are attracted to old wrecks, debris and other man-made structures such as offshore gas and oil platforms. Offering static surfaces that drifting marine life can cling onto, they provide refuge and shelter for the phyto- and zoo-plankton. 772 more words

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‘Titanic Too’ - a rebreather breakthrough

Once again proving that the only barriers that exist in diving are the self-imposed limitations of logical thought, the Zymurgy Inc. R&D team have developed their own Semi-Closed Circuit Rebreather, the… 637 more words

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Diving & The Media: A Survival Guide - 1

In late 1999 – in the wake of a spate of highly publicised diving fatalities – I completed a manual intended to help dive industry professionals deal more effectively with negative media publicity and criticism. 444 more words

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