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Tec Xplor Day Phuket, Thailand

PADI would like to invite you to a special Tec Xplor day to be held in Phuket on the 9th of October, 2014. During this event you will have an opportunity to explore some exciting Tec Equipment and get the latest information about PADI Tec Rec Programs. 112 more words


Diving & The Media: A Survival Guide - 8

Although it is unhelpful to the operator’s cause to ever think of the media in adversarial terms the very nature of a critical incident is one that tends to favour the journalist’s position; especially when the dive operator has no control over when or where they might be interviewed …  a continuation of the previous extracts regarding media interviews. 932 more words

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Survival of the fittest

Had recreational diving been an option when Charles Darwin set out aboard ‘HMS Beagle’ on his ground-breaking scientific voyage of discovery, then there’s a very real possibility that he may have scrapped the whole notion of natural selection and the survival of the fittest. 769 more words

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What is High Pressure Nervous Syndrome (HPNS)?

Some of you might have heard of the upcoming deep dive attempt in Egypt. Ahmed Gabr is planning on diving to dive to a depth of 350m and his attempt will take place on the 18th September. 752 more words

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Used technical dive kit available NOW

Grab your bargain and get started with your adventures in technical diving. Great savings with this second-hand kit.


History of Decompression: The Foundation of Technical Diving

The history and study of decompression forms the basic foundation for eventual scuba diving, most especially technical diving. Had decompression not been studied and discovered, perhaps human exploration of the deep seas would be limited at best. 420 more words

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