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Tekcamp the report

What’s Tekcamp all about then? The idea is a simple one, come to Vobster, stay from Monday to Friday and get 2 sessions every day based around loads of different skills and tasks with top technical diving instructors. 763 more words

IST JT-40 Wing and Steel Backplate

If you follow my blog you know I love wings! Not the hot and spicy chicken ones but a good quality diving wing!

The IST JT-40 is just that, a well built, durable diving wing. 244 more words


Artificial Reefs

It has long been recognised that fish are attracted to old wrecks, debris and other man-made structures such as offshore gas and oil platforms. Offering static surfaces that drifting marine life can cling onto, they provide refuge and shelter for the phyto- and zoo-plankton. 772 more words

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‘Titanic Too’ - a rebreather breakthrough

Once again proving that the only barriers that exist in diving are the self-imposed limitations of logical thought, the Zymurgy Inc. R&D team have developed their own Semi-Closed Circuit Rebreather, the… 637 more words

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Diving & The Media: A Survival Guide - 1

In late 1999 – in the wake of a spate of highly publicised diving fatalities – I completed a manual intended to help dive industry professionals deal more effectively with negative media publicity and criticism. 444 more words

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'Uranus' - The world's first Nitrox snorkel

The following article was first published in Asian Diver Magazine in 1996


Claimed by its designers, an international consortium of diving technologists, to be the world’s first enriched air snorkel, … 453 more words

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