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Maxi Denim Skirt

Prepare yourself, this is probably the most hideous skirt you will ever see in your life. In my previous post from Technical Drawing I already thought it was an ugly skirt, but this one is even worse. 13 more words


Wide Skirt with Bow Belt

I think this skirt is absolutely hideous, but it’s a great way to practice. I’m already getting more the hang of it, even though this was a hard one because of all the details. 37 more words


Skirt of my dreams

For Technical Drawing we had to design a skirt of our dreams and draw technical drawings of it. I thought this was really hard, because I like my skirts really basic. 80 more words


365 day 111

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Sketches Pleated Skirt

In a lesson of Technical Drawing we had to draw a skirt which our teacher put on the mannequin. It was a half-long pleated skirt. First we had to draw in our own way. 56 more words


Technical Drawing Classes

We are learning that an important part of Interior Design is to be able to draw and read a technical drawing. This is so that designers can communicate effectively to builders their plans and ideas. 123 more words

High Waist Skirt

The next skirt we had to draw was an high waist skirt. I kind of messed mine up a lot. Especially the back part. The curve in the hip is not even and it’s not really symmetric. 6 more words