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TAS Rocks the SP, Yet Again and Again and Again...

See how TAS proprietary trading indicators continue to provide incredible directional bias cues to Emini SP traders. Click the chart image below to ZOOM and view.  151 more words


How to Use Volume and Open Interest in Forex Trading

No, that has nothing to do with the article, other than it’s a 1930 Cord and you might be able to buy one if you make a fortune trading. 1,616 more words


Golden Opportunity in Precious Metals (Gold, 60 minute chart)

The beauty of TAS is that it can be applied to any financial market. Click to zoom in on the GOLD futures chart below showing the past week of price action. 218 more words


Options Play: Soybean Futures, Served 3 Ways

 By Matt McKinney of http://www.mmckinneyfutures.com/

In looking at the daily, weekly, and monthly charts on the soybean futures with my favorite technical indicators on them, i fee like i’m being served soybeans 3 different ways.

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The Trouble With Indicators

Market indicators can be like the mythical sirens luring men to their doom. With an irresistible song promising to pick a turning point or signal a trend, they all have the allure of nailing it at some point. 635 more words


The Secret to Using Technical Trading Indicators


The Secret to Using Technical Indicators

     What in the world is a “stochastic”?  How do people even come up with words like “stochastic”?  Me, I can’t even spell “stochastic”. 958 more words