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monday hangday

3 screens up.

issues -

same settings but discolouration between projector 1 & 2. its possible that I could have exported screen 1 with 20 sharp. 145 more words


solution to looping with different clip times! (epiphany)

each other clip is to match the current swim time. This will mean that even with the irregular timing, once the loop reaches the end all will sync.

Tension 2

150% scale testing - frame [RESOLUTION TOO LOW)

Scaling tests tension 2  (larger than 115%)

@ 150% the noticeable mark on the right hand side of the wall is gone, but I am concerned that the increase in size within the frame will reduce the resolution/sharpness/quality of image too much and leave the video too pixelated and lacking the cinematic aspect of the original framing. 51 more words

Tension 2

tech-notes for reframing tension 2 (timing redundant @115% but formula important)

notes for reframing tension 2

scale = 115 – this works so that the rust marks on either side of the frame cannot be seen in the centre frame… 341 more words

Tension 2

Drama theatre booked - process

I will be using the large drama theatre space for my final assessment. I’m using this space as I need to get far away from ‘assessment’ framing and into actual artwork in space. 177 more words

Tension 2

tutorials on stitching clips together

example of bad frame stitching that was in the initial rough edit.

Premiere Pro Tutorial: How to Seamlessly Loop a Video in Premiere Pro

using cross dissolve to fade between 2 tracks. 83 more words

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