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More than an 'hour' late, but better than never...

I know I know…the curtain came down on our last show of the spring term a week ago and I still haven’t posted any photos of the technical rehearsal as promised! 381 more words

Invisible Light

A few days ago a show opened in Sharjah, a tiny emirate that forms part of the United Arab Emirates. Called Clusters of Light,  it tells the life story of the Prophet Mohammed and for anyone who knows about Islam, there is an obvious difficulty here - Islamic convention forbids the portrayal of the Prophet in human form. 1,196 more words


A look through the window...

The technical rehearsals for our upcoming show ‘The Hour We Knew Nothing of Each Other’ are well under way; if you stand in the paintshop long enough you will hear a very strange collection of sound effects rattling through the dock doors…dog barks, a plane taking off…a blood curdling scream to name but a few.  313 more words

Last show of the spring term...

Apologies for my lack of blogging recently but it’s been so busy here in the design realisation workshops that there’s hardly been a chance to stop and re-group! 733 more words

Stage Directions: Love to See You Fly

This Stage Directions article talks about flying effects company Flying by Foy creating flying effects for shows produced at all levels, ranging from high school to Broadway. Read the article here.

Last night of Pinocchio...

It’s the last night of Pinocchio tonight and as always it seems like it’s over so quickly; before we know it we are taking down the set and finding new places to store all of the props that we just can’t bear to throw away!  347 more words

Moods and Doodles

As a practitioner of theatre I have always created work in pictures first – both with the actors and with the set. A couple of years ago a visual art colleague watching some site-specific work I had created commented, with some surprise, that we clearly both worked in the same way, driven by a visual aesthetic. 850 more words