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Rhetorical & #TechComm Analysis of AT&T "CPNI" Opt-Out Email

As I have mentioned in previous posts (analysis of hacking responses and Kickstarter PR response), as more PR and marketing communications concern technical issues (either directly regarding a technology or technological information about a product or service) there is a need for writers who can write both technical and rhetorically — that is, knowing not just what to say but how and where.

Technical Writing

介紹此方案的目標 / 概述該方案的成果 (描述所參與方案裡專業興趣的表現包括) (有效撰寫求職英文自傳) : 研究生英文投稿日報 4/20/2014


* 介紹此方案的目標 (描述所參與方案裡專業興趣的表現包括) (有效撰寫求職英文自傳) (PART B)

* 概述該方案的成果 (描述所參與方案裡專業興趣的表現包括) (有效撰寫求職英文自傳) (PART A)

* 學術英文投稿教學影片 (91) : Statement of Purpose for Graduate Study

* 特約人員之申請 (上) : 有效撰寫專業英文電子郵件

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所期望對公司的專業貢獻 / 介紹此方案的目標 (興趣相關產業描寫包括) (有效撰寫求職英文自傳) : 研究生英文投稿日報 4/19/2014


* 所期望對公司的專業貢獻 (興趣相關產業描寫包括) (有效撰寫求職英文自傳) (PART B)

* 介紹此方案的目標 (描述所參與方案裡專業興趣的表現包括) (有效撰寫求職英文自傳) (PART A)

* 學術英文投稿教學影片 (90) : Strengthening Your Graduate School Application

* 產品資訊之提供 : 有效撰寫專業英文電子郵件 …

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"The Ink Between The Sheets!" - What's On Your Pages???

What’s the most important factor once you have finished a book??? In my opinion it’s the “Ink Between The Sheets”. When all is done and said what you have written on those pages is of the most importance to you and your readers. 1,034 more words


10 Redundant Words To Delete

In one of his six rules for writers, George Orwell said: ‘If it is possible to cut a word out, always cut it out.’ Shorter is better, he was saying. 502 more words

Technical Writing

讚美公司對專業的自我期許 / 所期望對公司的專業貢獻 (興趣相關產業描寫包括) (有效撰寫求職英文自傳) : 研究生英文投稿日報 4/18/2014


* 讚美公司對專業的自我期許 (興趣相關產業描寫包括) (有效撰寫求職英文自傳) (PART B)

* 所期望對公司的專業貢獻 (興趣相關產業描寫包括) (有效撰寫求職英文自傳) (PART A)

* 學術英文投稿教學影片 (89) : Critical Thinking and Scholarly Writing

* 文獻資料之提供: 有效撰寫專業英文電子郵件

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Technical documentation: Dealing with manipulative UIs

This is a famous (or rather infamous!) dialog in movie “Gadar.”

“Hindustaniyon, qatna humse sikho!” (meaning: Learn to slaughter from us!)

Well, violence apart, could this be a solution to deal with the manipulative UIs that change too often? 7 more words