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The differences between K-pop and western pop for those too lazy to write their own school essays

Inquiring minds wish to know the differences between Korean pop and pop from other countries.  What are the differences?  How much has one influenced the other?  3,394 more words

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Lightning Tactical, LLC - Precision Rifle

Back after our brief hiatus here’s the complete write up that assesses Lightning Tactical, LLC‘s Precision Rifle class. I know it’s been over 10 days since we last posted, but I’ve been on vacation… so… you know. 1,721 more words


Implementing Mergesort on the GPU with CUDA

disclaimer: this is my first post in the technical category. if you don’t want to see this, go here

I’ve been messing with CUDA recently. If you don’t know, CUDA is a programming model / SDK designed for using your GPU for parallel computation (not just for graphics). 746 more words


Difference between CMS and Framework

There is a common question people ask, “What is the difference between CMS and Framework ?” Lets know the answer of this question-
A CMS (Content Managent System) is an application that allows to manage content from a central interface.It provides rich tools to maintain, organize and add content dynamically to a website.Its a pre-built system which gives the average user enough flexibility to modify his site by installing modules and themes. 64 more words


3 Ways to Avoid Failure with a Professional Mobile App Development Company

Yes, you read it right. Partnering with professional companies is not a sure-shot guarantee that your app will be loved by your user-base. Often it so happens that the application works fantastically well, but it has no users to take it up. 294 more words


Weekly Report || 25th Aug 2014

Current Target: Setting up environment for ZAP.

This week we have worked on setting the Zed Attack Proxy (ZAP) environment and the project structure of ZAP.             281 more words

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