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Back to Basics Part 2: Guard Attacks

In my wheelhouse this week. Guard is something I’ve broken down before it is a blessing and a cursed position for me. If I can break someone down and wrap them up it’s amazing and strong. 236 more words


Submission Sunday: Loop Choke from Turtle Position

Hey everyone, here’s a little submission I like to use when I’m on top in the turtle position. Pretty fun and works really well when people shoot in for the single leg takedown. Enjoy!


Back to Basics Part 1: Escape Artist

Missed a few updates which is my bad so I’ll do a bit of a recap of a few techniques.

1. Today we looked at the basic back control escape. 234 more words


How to Butterfly a Chicken

Butterflying a chicken is a simple and useful technique that I use to grill or sauté an entire bird. Butterflying meat is to split the meat almost entirely apart and spread it flat. 167 more words


On the topic of training methodologies and principles

Training methodologies have evolved since the sport was developed. We could probably say that without any doub training methodologies were first refined as a result of different decisions made by sport authorities in regard to competition. 1,492 more words

Olympic Weightlifting

Autumn, in comparison (Fall, in comparison)

Two images, one RAW, one processed.

A well known photographer in Ireland, Ciaran Whyte recently expressed distain from having to judge 500 landscape images and advised that landscape photographers put down the saturation slider, among other things. 125 more words


Submission Sunday: Kimura from Triangle Defense

Hi all, here’s a little kimura I learned from Professor Draculino at Gracie Barra Texas. It comes in pretty handy when your opponents are defending the triangle with their hands gable-gripped behind your hips. 15 more words