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Good Design is Good Business | No Plastic Sleeves

For an independent photographer and designer, a professionally designed brand identity and marketing materials is pretty much a must have. It’s necessary if you’re going to look like a professional who takes their business seriously. 91 more words


The Singer's Trap

As a vocal coach, I get asked vocal questions a lot by people on social medias. Most of them are questions like, how to expand the vocal range, how to sing in whistle register, how to sing high notes, how to sing riffs & runs, how to have longer breaths, etc. 409 more words


Learn Ballet Combinations & Choreography Quickly

Today I teach you my tips and tricks for picking up ballet/dance choreography and combinations quickly. I give you an exercise to see how you learn as well as some pointers that will help make you a quick study in no time! 13 more words


Weightlifting for the Master athlete

As weightlifting is getting more popular and gets more people interested about competitions and competing, we are seeing a lot of new athletes – and some not so new- in the master division. 1,281 more words

Olympic Weightlifting

Question of the Day

Hey! I cox a HS women’s bow loader 4+ and after looking over some footage from our past regattas, my coach noticed that many rowers are “missing water” and not getting the oars enough behind them enough at the catch to produce a maximum length and power stroke every time. 1,306 more words


Know your Centre of Rotation.

Luckily, just beside my rowing club, a road bridge crosses the river.  One can stand on that bridge and watch boats pass underneath.  I actually advise our beginners to do this, because rowing as seen from the rower’s point of view and rowing as seen from a bridge above the river differ in several key respects. 920 more words


The Lensbaby Sweet 35 on a Canon 5d Mk 2

The next lens in line for a mini-test on a Canon 5d Mk2 is the Lensbaby Sweet 35, a 35mm fixed focal length special effects lens used for many years on a 60D. 319 more words