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In Part 1 of this essay, I covered various strategies and ideas for recruiting young individuals in the sport of weightlifting. I went over the role of the coach or club manager in the recruiting process and on how to sell the sport to young athletes. 1,466 more words

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Different Ways to Use Masks

There seem to be a TON of different craft supplies to get these days.  Most people I know don’t have an unlimited supply of space to store their craft supplies so it’s nice to be able to find different ways to use one type of tool or supply. 133 more words

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Capital of the week: TECHNIQUE

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by Lars Oliver

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Technique is art? Technique is education? Or leisure? Yes, it is, how Lars Oliver shows in his famous series about Herford. 150 more words


The Moo Pahl Dan Khum – A Musculo-Skeletal Analysis

The Moo Pahl Dan Khum is a sequence of exercises based on the Chinese PaTuanTsin (Eight Precious Exercises) of Qi Gong that almost certainly derive from Taoist philosophy and practise in which the breath is of supreme importance and assumes almost mystical properties. 1,884 more words


Essay on talent recruitment, identification and retention (Part 1)

Finding new athletes, especially kids and teens, is of extreme importance for the competitive success of a weightlifting club and overall success of the coach. The coach or the director of the club always has to be on the hunt for new talent and figure a way to keep the kids that are already members of the club. 1,650 more words

Olympic Weightlifting

August Swimming

I will be away on holiday for the next few weeks so won’t be there to swim or coach any of the sessions until 6th September.   262 more words

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Make sure your blades are in the water when you push and make sure to take them out clean. Then do it again and again…

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