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Are You Doing Your Kettlebell Swing Incorrectly?

The kettlebell swing is the most simple and most important part of creating a solid base for your kettlebell training.

Unfortunately I see it done poorly far too often. 443 more words


Developing young lifters the right way : Not skipping GPP is key

Developing a high level athlete of any sports takes time and steps cannot be skipped. A young talented athlete needs proper support from the family as well as proper financial support for all the expenses that can be encountered (food, transport, physio, equipment, etc.). 791 more words

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Landscapephotography with the "nifty-fifty"

As I described in my last posting, I tend to compose most of my images “straight” without a deep dominant foreground or other striking perspectives. When I am at a location, I like to use long time to study the subject and investigate different angles and views, as well as light and other elements, but I most often find myself composing the image straight forward without any awkward perspective. 622 more words


Question of the Day

Hello! Sorry if this is a dumb question but I was wondering, what does it mean when coxswains say “cha”? Thank you!

Definitely not a dumb question. 339 more words


Question of the Day

The other day our coach had all of us move our foot stretchers all the way forward on the tracks. I was wondering what the benefit of doing this is? 237 more words


Kettlebells for Beginners: Getting Started

The concept of a kettlebell is simple, but it’s funny how just a large cast-iron ball-shaped weight with a single handle can hold so much power — and seem so intimidating at the same time.   372 more words

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Playing against long pimples

This post covers one of the infamous topsheet types, the long pimples. We’ll discuss how they work, how to play against them and show common problems and solutions. 3,738 more words