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Massive Japanese black pine

I accidentally scheduled my car at the wrong mechanic. So I went there anyway and man am I’m glad I did. There’s a little mom and pop nursery next door that I didn’t know was there. 278 more words


Stroke difficulty 1 - Blocking

We’ll discuss the table tennis technique of blocking. The different technical difficulty is rated and a complete list will be given. Finally we’ll look at practical applications of this list. 4,007 more words


Question of the Day

Hi! My coach has been telling me the last couple of sessions that I’m opening up too early (both rowing and sculling). He says to imagine that I’m pushing my knees away from my chest rather than moving my chest away from my knees. 163 more words


All tucked away

Winter is always fun time for bonsai………No not really. Its time just to protect your trees and hope everything comes out unscathed despite O’man winter trying his best. 82 more words


Not just 'With Stroke' but 'Like Stroke'

There is quite a long list of requirements for the rower in the stroke seat and in my view, technical consistency is close to the top of that list.   704 more words


Question of the Day

Hi! I’ve been rowing for four years and recently I’ve been getting some sort of tendonitis in my forearms: the forearm swells up a little and it feels very stiff and it is very painful to row with. 510 more words


Are You Doing Your Kettlebell Swing Incorrectly?

The kettlebell swing is the most simple and most important part of creating a solid base for your kettlebell training.

Unfortunately I see it done poorly far too often. 443 more words