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How To See Wine Like A Pro

Without a doubt the question I get the most in my wine classes is “How can I learn to taste wine like a pro?” The short answer to this question is practice. 54 more words


On expression

So, last night I was leading the orchestra for a concert opera performance (ie all the music, but not staged as drama, just performed as a concert programme for orchestra, choir and solo singers (and in this instance organ and offstage brass … )). 812 more words

Dryad Coloring

Hi Crafters (waves a happy hello)

Yesterday in my chit-chat with you, I said I wanted to try a coloring project this weekend.

Well I ended up doing it yesterday. 892 more words

Stuff I Made

Whistler's Composition/ Redux

I wrote this post several years ago describing how a certain composition from one artist can influence another, even though the results may seem light years away.   803 more words


How to Cross Train Like a Badass

One of my new students asked me the other day, ‘what should I be doing to cross train for climbing?’

Great question!  While the best training for climbing is climbing itself (ideally 2-3x a week, with rest days in between), there’s certainly strength to be had in cross training. 360 more words


Mammography Should Be Done On Time. Part 3 of 3

Mammography Should Be Done On Time – Part 3 of 3

The study disclosed that another co-author has served on boards or been a speaker for imaging-device manufacturers. 247 more words


Mammography Should Be Done On Time. Part 2 of 3

Mammography Should Be Done On Time – Part 2 of 3

Although the study found an association between more frequent screenings and less lymph node involvement among breast cancer patients, it did not establish a cause-and-effect relationship. 179 more words