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This could appear like a silly question a lot of of you who are nevertheless ridiculed or misunderstood for being a vegetarian, but I really believe it is a distinct threat. 536 more words

April 22



A. 3 sets for time @85%:

Row 300m

50 unbroken DU

12 burpee box jump

rest walk 2 min

Time – 2:33 (dog got in my way), 2:27, 2:24… 95 more words


April 21



A. Gauntlet – every 90 sec – Tng Snatch x 3 (full, start @115#, increase 10#/set) – 205#

B. BS @20X1 – tough double (80-85%) – 335# 63 more words



I just learned what transposition is and how to do it during my piano lesson last week.

Transposition is converting a song from one key signature to another. 113 more words



Having experimented with panning images of hubby and car back in 2010, I then  decided to try it out for real out in the big wide world. 227 more words

City Scenes

Local wildlife photography

How to get the shot #1 Local wildlife

Over the last month or two I have tried my hand at a different tack of wildlife photography. 412 more words


13 Ways To Take Better Photographs: Foreground, Middleground, Background

The effectiveness of photography rests on a simple illusion: using two dimensions, height and width, to give the impression of three dimensions: height, width, and depth. 966 more words