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The 30-day achievement Strategy

Let’s admit it, working is often very hard. Whether you want to work on a project of yours or you’re trying to discipline your creativity, … 770 more words


Tone versus relaxation

The first error of the musician who is conscious of his well-being is  listening to people who constantly remind him that the most important thing in the practice of his art is to be relax but they forget to specify how to a relax!  211 more words


13th on a Friday!

I right up to the deadline for getting my CCC #3 challenge posted.  We’re up to number 13, you can read the details at Studio L… 176 more words


The Most Expensive Yarn I Ever Bought

This past week my cousin visited from California. She brought a project with her that she has had trouble with for me to help her. I cast it on and knit a few rows in the pattern and then she took over. 158 more words

The 10 Minute Renal PTAS

The trick to doing a 10 minute renal PTAS is all in the planning and visualization. Firstly, the CTA with 3D reconstruction (TeraRecon) gives excellent diagnostic images for arteries above 2mm in diameter and therefore obviates the need for additional diagnostic imaging if obtained before the planned intervention. 614 more words


What Writers Learn from Reading

Reading other writers’ work is a central part of developing as a writer. Without absorbing the facts of what others have done well—while trying not to despair at any difference in skill between ourselves and the other writer—we can’t move forwards in our own work. 375 more words

Writing For Publication

Polychromos Coloured Pencils

Hi guys :3

Recently, I’ve been taking some time out from using the mediums I am most comfortable with to try out one of my recent purchases,  Faber Castell Polychromos Coloured Pencils. 249 more words