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Blockx oil paint

The paintings that I’ve made are mostly painted with Blockx oil paint. Only pure pigment is used for maximum lightfastness, buttery consistency and easy mixing on the canvas itself. 59 more words


1-2-3-4: Simplifying Luminosity Masks

The volume of information about luminosity masks and selections is a bit overwhelming . . . and I’ll admit that I’m part of the problem. I’ve written several blogs and tutorials about various luminosity mask/selection techniques, different ways to create and use them, and little tricks that I find helpful; and there are plenty other sources scattered across the Internet. 1,341 more words

Digital Techniques

The practice is you, are you the practice?

There was a topic posed on a martial arts blog not too long ago about the idea of “adapting an art to yourself.” In it, the author explores the idea of modifying a martial art to suit individual body types, and concludes that it isn’t the ART that is modified, but the self being molded to the art. 460 more words

Paper craft project no. 152: Celebrate autumn mixed media card

Hello and happy September! Here’s my first project for September and it comes with some happy news: I’m excited to be part of the Mixed Media Mojo… 287 more words


Keeping the bar close

In this post I will come back to and wirte about how to keep the bar close to your body during the lift!


Learn Ekapadasana - The One-legged Pose

Ekapadasana – The One-legged Pose

The Sanskrit word eka means one and pada means foot making this the one-foot, or more commonly, one-legged pose.

1. Stand with the feet together and the arms by your sides (tadasana). 292 more words


10 Screenwriting Tips from "The Silence of the Lambs"

These tips are not concrete in any fashion. They are merely suggestions based upon a closer look at various films and examining why they do or don’t work. 1,570 more words