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Horsey Seals

After the previous horrific conditions I made my second visit to Horsey beach this month. This time just for the day, leaving Kent at around 06:00. 267 more words

Field Log

It's Begun!

Yes!!  I have done it!!  I’ve finally got myself crafting for Christmas-early (for me)!!  THANK YOU to all of my bloggy friends who have been inspiring me with their own Christmas creations and tales of not being ready to be in the holiday spirit, either!! 1,008 more words


Using quaternions to correct IMU installation offsets

As mentioned in a previous post, RTIMULib now supports the correction of arbitrary, non-standard, coordinate axis-aligned IMU orientations. However, it is very often true that an installation of an IMU in a device isn’t completely perfect, leading to offsets of a few degrees in each axis perhaps. 75 more words


Wanting to explore different types of media, I took an initial drawing and explored the use of black indian ink over acrylic paint. I am pleased with the outcome because it manages to capture the colour of the landscape, with the black marks representing the detail of the natural subject matter.


Stairway to ?

This beautiful staircase was photographed during a paranormal investigation in Cripple Creek, CO. See the rocking duck on the landing below? While I was taking this shot, I thought to myself, “If that duck starts rocking on its own, I’m out of here.” Fortunately for me, it didn’t move because the only way out would have been to go down the stairs past it. 33 more words


What's for dinner? Adventures in Paleo cooking.

Okay, so don’t freak out. I’m still a foodie. I did not choose this diet, it seems to have chosen me, but I will find whatever wiggle room my system allows for. 460 more words

Main Course

Art Quilt Technique Practice

I am an excellent Idea Finder/Keeper/Organizer, but not such a great Idea Executor.  I have dozens of notebooks of saved articles, and I have to take some action! 903 more words