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BlacksmitHER yup! I think I will.

Working with 4 gauge copper wire has really let me play with some blacksmithing techniques. I have been watching videos for months, seeing how they hold the hammers, where they hit the metal to make it curl or move or spiral. 133 more words

Daily Happenings

More bleach bypass

I’ve tried a new technique to try and achieve the bleach bypasss look. This method involves overlaying a desaturated layer node on a primary grade. From there I made secondary corrections like the colour of the walls and boosting the highlights on the light on the floor.


Repair time II

I thought the Test to Destruction popped a fin at the root. Turns out the fin broke in two near the root edge. What can I say, I built it to survive flight and recovery, not small children. 152 more words

Model Rockets

Braided Hairstyles - La tresse tendance!

I remember as a kid, my mom use to braid my hair almost every morning to go to school. Looking back at pictures, this was a typical cute girly hairdo for the kid I was. 347 more words


1200 Techniques - Time Has Come

trio hip-hop crossover, but without the arrogance, misogyny, violence, etc., that is so popular in the genre.  maybe it’s because they’re aussies.  time has come, indeed.

*Glitch Effect*

While looking at examples of glitching effects, Saeed found a clip from the Hunger Games.
After some discussion we felt that it is possible to use this method within our film.



For the ending shot, we wanted to show a huge change between past (present) and future. To do this, we decided that we should show change with the environment; buildings that were; tall, black, ominous, giving the feeling of restriction. 103 more words