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Things Technology Killed

#1 Rotary Dial Phone

Imagine having to call 911 in an emergency, only really slowly.


#2 Slide projectors

Slide projectors work similar to projectors today except as the name states, this projector required slides. 321 more words


The Tech Cold War

As Facebook and Google continue to one-up each other in the struggle for dominance, who will come out on top? Check out this infographic to see some of the latest acquisitions and corresponding numbers. 6 more words


Dream Job

A dream job, something you dreamed of since you were young or when you got to your “mature” state in life. Day four is a dream job. 35 more words

Thirty Day Blogging Challenge 2014

Top Ten Home Printers - Samsung CLX-3185FW

Top Ten Home Printers – Find helpful information on Samsung CLX-3185FW laser printer and Samsung CLT-P4072C toner cartridges

Source: www.sprint-ink.co.uk

For a machine that does so much, the Samsung CLX-3185FW is surprisingly compact.

22 more words

Nerve Gear, Awal Nyata Dunia Game

Apa yang anda pikirkan tentang mas depan? Kenyamanan kehidupan, teknologi yang memudahkan segala hal, rata-rata dua hal tersebut yang diinginkan oleh manusia modern pada umumnya. Pernahkan anda berpikir bagaimana jika kehidupan kita tersedot ke dunia alter?