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xkcd: AI-Box Experiment

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via xkcd: AI-Box Experiment.

I do keep saying that AIs won’t want what we want.


TSM16 Part 1: Future Technologies - Brain Bots & The Light Node

In this monologue I critique Ray Kurzweil’s idea of Brain Bots which he has predicted arising in 2030 and I present an alternative idea I call The Light Node. 337 more words

The Singularity, Are We There Yet?

Thinking about the “singularity”, the point at which our technology becomes more intelligent than us is the reason for this blog site. Coverage of it and some of it’s possible constituents from AI (artificial intelligence) to smart robots varies in the media from humans lose scenarios, e.g. 85 more words


Cryonics, Pseudoscience, Principle, & Religion

This post is just a bit of an info-dump; a very slightly tweaked excerpt from a conversation about the relationship between Cryonics, pseudoscience, … 477 more words

Dig for Victory? - Steamword Dig

Steamworld Dig may at first glance seem a fairly obtuse title, however after around the five minute mark it becomes apparent that it actually has one of the most self-explanatory titles you’re likely to find. 1,170 more words

Wii U


Before taking Gary, Indiana police on a guided tour of his serial murdering sites (Chicago Sun, 10/20/14), Warren Vann, needy like us all, for a little recognition, should have stopped to consider a good sleepwalking defense. 344 more words