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Will robots replace humans?

Consider this. Nearly every large animal on this planet is stronger than us. Almost every predator has claws, or venom, or sharp teeth. But humans have two advantages that have enabled us to survive and thrive – a large brain, and hands that can pick up and manipulate objects. 514 more words


The singularity - Will it Happen?

What is the singularity?

I honestly was not aware of this topic so I set out to do some research to open my mind and man was my mind blown. 697 more words


Enthusiasts and Skeptics Debate Artificial Intelligence

Kurt Anderson has an interesting article at Vanity Fair that looks at the debate among technologists about the singularity: Enthusiasts and Skeptics Debate Artificial Intelligence | Vanity Fair… 690 more words


xkcd: AI-Box Experiment

Click through for full sized version and yellow caption.

via xkcd: AI-Box Experiment.

I do keep saying that AIs won’t want what we want.


TSM16 Part 1: Future Technologies - Brain Bots & The Light Node

In this monologue I critique Ray Kurzweil’s idea of Brain Bots which he has predicted arising in 2030 and I present an alternative idea I call The Light Node. 337 more words

The Singularity, Are We There Yet?

Thinking about the “singularity”, the point at which our technology becomes more intelligent than us is the reason for this blog site. Coverage of it and some of it’s possible constituents from AI (artificial intelligence) to smart robots varies in the media from humans lose scenarios, e.g. 85 more words