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I have not forgotten the speed of July nights
The way they drip beneath the wet Moon
Whose lips are of a swan beneath the light… 123 more words


Welcome to the Post-Future. There is nothing else to look forward to. . . Yet

The spring of 1955 was an interesting time. Things were prosperous, at least in America, haircuts were short, and dresses were long.

But two watershed moments occurred, both pointing to the future, both of them linked, … 470 more words

Cultural Commentary

The first conscious machines will probably be on Wall Street

We must consider the possibility that intelligence, creativity and even consciousness are purely functions of the material world, with human beings as a peculiar kind of computer. 1,393 more words


The first girl to live for 1000 years has already been born

Welcome to The Millennium Girl Series website.

I created this website to support and provide further information about a series of novels about the first girl to live for 1000 years. 135 more words


I Never Wanna Die!: The Desperate Quest for Immortality

I AM GRATEFUL FOR MODERN MEDICAL SCIENCE. Along with the good things passed down to me by my parents, I also inherited high blood pressure, arthritis, and chronic acid reflux. 695 more words

Biblical Theology