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On “Video Game Journalist Singularity”–

The point at which video game journalists become self-aware;

Clearly, they have a long way to go:

If I’m an entitled gamer whining about 1st-world problems, that makes you an entitled writer whining about gamers whining about 1st-world problems (which is also a 1st-world problem).


Digitize Me

The  year of Our Lord 2052, speaking in pre-Singularity language, is in full swing.

These days our Lords are many. The pantheon is rather overcrowded. All of them are immortal, of course. 755 more words


Technological Singularity: What is it?

Year: 2094. A man named Dave Smith is in a classroom where most students, including him, have in their body artificial accessories, which allow the development of new super-abilities. 1,192 more words

TAFE Journal

Humans need not apply

A couple of years ago a magazine cover caught my eye with the title Technological Singularity. Being not familiar with the term I decided to read the article to find out what on earth it could be. 283 more words


Review: Genesis by Poul Anderson


Poul Anderson

Published 2000

John W. Campbell Memorial Award in 2001


I just finished this book about a minute ago. Or, I suppose I  1,295 more words