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Blog Prompt #2

Communication and Collaboration

I can honestly say that I think that this skill is one that I have honed carefully throughout the years. Being a naturally loud and hyped-up person, I used to accidentally run over people when sharing ideas in a group idea. 648 more words


Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking allows an individual (or group) to keep favourite websites in a place stored on the web/cloud. This allows for several advantages:

1) Access your favourites/bookmarks from any device, not just one computer or browser… 182 more words


Aggression and the Internet: It's Too Damn Easy

Image by H D Zimmerman / Creative Commons

As humans, there seems to be a basic need to shed excess aggression. Many of us don’t shy away from it. 625 more words

Social Issues

"I only came for the cheesecake..."

The Internet is an unruly, untamed beast – everyone should know that by now; no one has control over the Internet and it should stay that way. 788 more words

World Culture

Wow.. how the industry has changed!

As Talk to Media turns ten, it made me think about my spell in the marketing industry and how it has drastically changed during that time. 307 more words


iPhone 6 will not meet demand launch day

With over four million iPhone 6 handsets pre-ordered in the first 24 hours, the initial supply of iPhone 6 product will not meet the demand.

The iPhone 6: Comprehensive Pros and Cons List

By Editor-In-Chief Jackson Curtin

The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus will be hitting store shelves soon, to only be immediately sold out and re-stocked a week later. 180 more words