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Dude, wheres my Hover Car? Oh wait...

We all (of a certain age) remember the Jetsons, a futuristic family with hi-tech gadgets and gizmos. However, nothing said, “the future is here” quite like things hovering. 1,078 more words


TweetBeat: BGR— Making Apple Pay work outside of the U.S.

I didn’t know that ApplePay was not available overseas just yet. Regardless of the matter, before they expand it, I definitely believe that it is a great idea to work the bugs out before any further expansion or scaling of the digital currency product. 169 more words


Addicted To Technology, Internet...Whatever.

There is now an official mental disorder called Internet Addiction.

I’m being completely serious. Don’t laugh.

Well, okay; go ahead and laugh because I think it’s pretty ridiculous myself. 635 more words


TweetBeat: TechCrunch — Google Acquires Firebase

Google is a great company to roll with to further expand the development company Firebase. It’s definitely a great move! Google continues it’s expansion! TechCrunch… 85 more words


New Holo Tech?

It’s rare that a company can stay relatively secretive while raising a huge amount of funding, but Florida’s Magic Leap has managed that. The startup, led by CEO Rony Abovitz, announced today the close of its $542 million Series B, featuring investors led by Google, Inc., and including KPCB, Andreessen Horowitz, Obvious Ventures, Qualcomm and Legendary Entertainment. 888 more words


#TechTuesday: Meet 20/20 Shift

Happy #TechTuesday, friends!

We’re well aware of the many strides that the technology industry is taking in order to diversify itself. After many years, companies like Google, Apple, and Yahoo! 762 more words