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South Korea's Fastest Internet Will Leave America's Internet Service Far Behind

South Korea already boasts some of the fastest broadband speeds in the world. Now the country is on track to become even faster. 190 more words


Three Blacks, One Hispanic Sit On Major High-Tech Company Boards

Three blacks and one Hispanic sit on the boards of 20 major technology companies. 339 more words


Information Security and Risk

Should information security (or cyber, if we follow the latest fad) be based on risk? What is that risk, is it risk to the information or other IT resources, or is it risk to the business? 174 more words


#iPGN: Nigerian scientists develop Ebola screening solutions

A team of Nigerian scientists in the Diaspora has validated and adapted a methodology that will enhance the gene amplification of the Ebola virus in 30 minutes. 154 more words

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Baking couldn't be easier with Drop

Twenty years ago none of us probably could have ever imagined that technology would evolve at such a fast pace or that our lifestyles would change so much with it. 909 more words


Virtualization: from the 60s until today | CHANGE as a Service

Short and very interesting. Thanks Raúl…

Today, after 40 years, which is really making noise in the industry is the force with which virtualization is breaking precisely these platforms x86, and, of course, the famous microarchitecture of Intel and AMD… 11 more words


Josh Freed: Driven around the bend by GPS

I was driving to a friend’s place in Lachine the other day and couldn’t remember the exact route — so I turned on my phone’s GPS and let it do the driving. 829 more words