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Media Objects: Edit Project

I had had initial concerns regarding this edit project. Upon realising it was required to incorporate content from ALL prior assessments (single-shot video, photography and audio), I was under the impression that it would be extremely difficult to utilise material from each to form a single, cohesive and aesthetically consistent work. 391 more words


BBC News: Are robots too cute for comfort?

I saw this story on the BBC News and thought you should see it:

Are robots too cute for comfort?

Big-eyed humanoid designs make robots more approachable, but should we beware of sharing too much personal information with them? 9 more words


Don't mind me while I go a bit bananas...

I am not even ashamed to say how much I love social media. Is that wrong? Or passé? Or just plain basic? I do! I love social media. 1,093 more words


What Does it Take to be a Better Student - Programmer?

In my three years of being a Computer Science Major, I made up a list of the top five things that, in my own perspective, have helped me in being a better student as well as a better programmer. 1,119 more words


BBC News: US 'probes hackable' medical devices

I saw this story on the BBC News and thought you should see it:

US ‘probes hackable’ medical devices

US government investigators are looking into about two dozen cases of medical kit suspected to be vulnerable to life-threatening hacks. 9 more words


From fixtures to factories: Updating testing code from manual test-data fixtures, to Fixture Boy

In part one of my Django authentication/testing tutorial, the testing code originally contained a manually-created fixture of test users, including two functions to directly save each to the database. 1,069 more words