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Startup of the Week - TeachMe

This week we talked to Bill Karamouzis, CEO of TeachMe, which makes educational games and apps that focus on helping students master math. TeachMe uses a unique combination of practice and play, interactive questions and games to keep students engaged and practicing math longer than they ever have. 1,071 more words


Circus Makes STEM Subjects Fun For Kids

By Dr. Marciene Mattleman

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) - Brent Bushnell and Eric Gradman want to make science, technology, engineering and math – STEM, fun. They created Two Bit Circus in Los Angeles using lasers fire and robots and organized a STEAM carnival (STEM with A for Art in the middle) luring kids through interactive projects with contests and prizes. 110 more words

Watch + Listen

Startup of the Week - WULU

Today’s social sites are filled with lots of people talking and few people listening. They give users the tools to express themselves, but real, quality conversations are rare. 809 more words


Drones Practice Monitoring Volcanoes for Eruptions

When Mount Ontake erupted in Japan a few weeks ago, it was completely unexpected. No significant earthquakes, no steam or gas releases, nothing.

Usually, some warning does exist, and the best that we can to is to monitor active volcanoes as carefully as we can to try and spot whatever warning signs that are there. 289 more words


App Does Math Homework with Phone Camera

There comes a sobering moment in every dad’s life when he realizes he can no longer help much with his kids’ math homework. Well, maybe not every dad. 312 more words


Philae's Batteries Have Drained, Comet Lander Sleeps

In the final hours, Philae’s science team hurried to squeeze as much science out of the small lander as possible. But the deep sleep was inevitable, Rosetta’s lander has slipped into hibernation after running its batteries dry. 447 more words


Foldable Phones and Tablets Are Around the Corner

Tablets that collapse into phones. Smartphones that fold up like wallets. Those are coming and a Japanese company has the goods to prove it.

At a recent event in Japan, Semiconductor Energy Laboratory (SEL), demonstrated a display that can be folded in three. 382 more words