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My Fitbit and I Are Headed for a Split

My motivation for physical activity over the last half-year has been largely driven by the acquisition of a Fitbit, the simple yet effective activity tracker that is almost always fastened to my belt except when I’m taking a shower. 287 more words

Technology And Culture

Algorithms Are Thoughtless

I’m reminded of the movie I, Robot. Will Smith (as Del Spooner, but it certainly should have been Elijah Baley) distrusts advanced, human-like robots because he came to experience that while they make rational and largely correct decisions, on occasion the logically right, but humanly wrong determinations could be life or death under critical circumstances. 374 more words

Technology And Culture

Putin’s Exploits

 photo: David Jones 大卫 琼斯

An Anachronism on the World Stage

Collective ideas change our world. They are very powerful in our cultures and can make the difference between humanity progressing and surviving or struggling, stagnating and dying. 1,125 more words

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