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He’s Not Heavy, He’s My Fitbit

I continue my exploration with personal fitness technology, and today was an interesting day. Today started at about 4:50AM, when I prepared to go out walking/running with my Fitbit (I walk perhaps 2.5 miles, run 1.5 right now). 274 more words

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Designing Culture

In this video, Anne Balsamo presents at a design and technology conference (NODEM 2012) , discussing some of the concepts from Designing Culture.

Train Travel Is Not All it’s Cracked Up to Be

I cannot tell you how much I enjoy visiting Europe. I have had the opportunity to visit around 15 times in the last five years, and every single trip has been great. 464 more words

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I Learned to Type on a Manual Underwood

I realize I’m seriously dating myself, but there is a point to this story. At a time when typing was a part of the high school “business track” pursued largely by aspiring secretaries, I was convinced by a friend to use my only open period in my second semester senior year (when I should have been coasting to graduation) to take a course in personal typing. 464 more words

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Do We Hate Silicon Valley?

The short answer is probably not. Despite perceived failings (many of which are real and serious), most people admire the entrepreneurial spirit and dedication of those who toil in… 451 more words

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A Drone At Last

Drones, or Remotely Piloted Vehicles (RPVs), or Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), have been around for a long time. Arguably, any remote controlled aircraft is a drone, even if it is a hobbyist device. 433 more words

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Can Radio Shack Be Saved?

Nothing that I can say or do will be the magic potion that rescues Radio Shack from oblivion. I certainly hold no influence over its financial or strategic direction, and of course any solution I might suggest could well be recognized by anyone else as pure hokey. 418 more words

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