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Putin’s Exploits

 photo: David Jones 大卫 琼斯

An Anachronism on the World Stage

Collective ideas change our world. They are very powerful in our cultures and can make the difference between humanity progressing and surviving or struggling, stagnating and dying. 1,123 more words

Digital Culture

Net Neutrality and The Oatmeal

I can understand why Matthew Inman doesn’t accept email on The Oatmeal, but it does make it difficult to raise an important issue. In this case, I would like to explore his take on… 498 more words

Technology And Culture

I Have My Cell Phone, So I’m Safe

In the safety of my home in New Hampshire (where we are no strangers to snow), I am watching the emerging largely lake-effect snowfall blanket western New York with over seven feet of snow, with more to come. 397 more words

Technology And Culture

Does Being Ethically Challenged Matter in Silicon Valley?

Investor Peter Thiel offers the opinion that ride service Uber is Silicon Valley’s most ethically challenged company, even before one of the company’s executives was quoted as saying it might hire private detectives to find and publicize dirt on journalists who criticize its business practices (the company CEO eventually delivered an apology in 14 tweets, which is just plain silly). 301 more words

Technology And Culture

The C-Suite at Google

My friend is a project manager at a company that deals with sustainable, environmental practices. So it must be perplexing to her that I have both an online and paper subscription to the Wall Street Journal (WSJ). 430 more words