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Early Adoption of Technologies since 1750 till 2012

There is a plenty of research carried out about how important early adoption of technology is. I’ve recently skimmed a couple of researches on this topic. 222 more words


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Deigo Comin has been doing excellent work documenting both the length of 10-90 technology lags even for major technologies we now take for granted, and the contribution of these technology usage lags to international differences in living standards and post-war growth rates. The East Asian Tigers all coincided with a catch-up in the range of technologies used with respect to industrialized countries. These development miracles all involved a substantial reduction of their technology adoption lags relative to (other) OECD countries Diffusionrates 15 to 30 years is a common technology usage lag even within the United States for the 10-90 technology lag. The 10-90 lag  is how long it takes between when 10% of industry is using a technology, and 90% of an industry is using that technology.