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When the world wide web was announced

This delightful piece of history was spotted by my other half:

It is easy for us to laugh, now, at the last “interviewee”. But, really, by any of the criteria traditionally used to predict the… 80 more words


The international diffusion of the three-point seatbelt technology

In 1959, Volvo invented the 3-point seat belt, then gave free license to all other car manufacturers to use it. pic.twitter.com/pUu9H5wsBt

— History In Facts (@HistoryInFacts) January 5, 2015

Health And Safety

The slow diffusion of modern human resource management

Modern human resource management gained ground in the 1980s, slowly replaced the centralising of people management in personnel departments that was widespread by the 1960s. … 600 more words


Early Adoption of Technologies since 1750 till 2012

There is a plenty of research carried out about how important early adoption of technology is. I’ve recently skimmed a couple of researches on this topic. 222 more words


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Deigo Comin has been doing excellent work documenting both the length of 10-90 technology lags even for major technologies we now take for granted, and the contribution of these technology usage lags to international differences in living standards and post-war growth rates. The East Asian Tigers all coincided with a catch-up in the range of technologies used with respect to industrialized countries. These development miracles all involved a substantial reduction of their technology adoption lags relative to (other) OECD countries Diffusionrates 15 to 30 years is a common technology usage lag even within the United States for the 10-90 technology lag. The 10-90 lag  is how long it takes between when 10% of industry is using a technology, and 90% of an industry is using that technology.