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You Mean Cycling Tights Don't Really Last Forever?

The weather gods were kind and granted us a weekend with cool temps, but sunny blue skies that beckoned us to hit the roads on our tandem.   593 more words


Preserving Your Bike Fit... Capturing Those Dimensions

I am admittedly a bit more anal about certain things than many of my peers on a broad range of subjects; cycling equipment is one of them.   722 more words

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How To Screw Up A Great Saddle.... (Selle Anatomica Titanico)

Let me start off with a disclaimer…

I’m still fuming after making a pretty eye-opening / disappointing discovery this evening as I prepared our triplet and tandem for this weekend’s Southern Tandem Rally. 663 more words

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140mm Rear Hubs Available From Tandems East....

This is a subject that is near and dear to my heart, as we had a 140mm rear-spaced Cannondale MT3000 that blew apart it’s Coda/Hugi hub back in January 2000. 596 more words

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A Trip to MTB Tandems & Tweaking the Ventana...

As noted in my post from last weekend, after a triumphant return to off-road riding with Miss Debbie, our 2002 Ventana El Conquistador de Montanas (ECdM) definitely needed a few adjustments following its 4-year hiatus. 1,000 more words

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It was a wet one today; SKS mud-guards worked great!

As usual, the weather forecast we watched on TV wasn’t even close to what we were seeing outside of the kitchen window this morning.  However, given the forecast for Sunday wasn’t all that inspiring we decided to venture out onto damp streets in the hope that the early morning mist would subside. 337 more words


Odds and Ends I've Been Meaning to Mention...

Lurking & Scanning But Not Engaging All That Often

Someone from one of the tandem discussion forums I used to frequent — well, frequent is probably and understatement as I have over 7,000 posts on that site alone… 608 more words