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How People Consume Conspiracy Theories on Facebook

… in much the same way as mainstream readers consume ordinary news, say computer scientists.

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Do you believe that the contrails left by high-flying aircraft contain sildenafil citratum, the active ingredient in Viagra? 260 more words


Three Questions for J. Craig Venter

Date: 31-07-2014
Source: Technology Review

Gene research and Silicon Valley-style computing are starting to merge.

WHY IT MATTERS: The number of human genomes being sequenced is increasing exponentially. 524 more words

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New Features in the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Spring 2014 Release

Hesam Seyed Mousavi, Jul 30, 2014

Source: MS Dynamics CRM Community

Focusing on the customer, check. Continuing to enhance cloud computing software, check. Working with industry leaders to enhance social and mobile functionality, check. 1,033 more words

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Eye-Fi Pro x2 SD Card to transfer images to iPhone

This card will add the ability to transfer photos from your digital camera to your iPhone / iPad (probably android as well as your computer). You should check the EyeFi website to confirm compatibility with your particular camera model.  394 more words

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The Panasonic GH4: The New King of DSLR Video

  It’s not every day, that one sees a product that one is completely satisfied with. Almost all products have their set of compromises, some minor, and some, not so minor. 750 more words

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What Every Company Should Know About Agile Software Development

Date: 08-07-2014
Source: Technology Review

Does your company make medical devices? How about cars? Or appliances? Or mobile applications? Do you have an external website? 1,142 more words

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After the Television Cameras Go Away

In MIT’s Technology Review, Antonio Regalado reports that paralyzed patients are participating in long-term studies of how putting implants in the brain to create brain-controlled prosthetics and computers may help paralyzed people in the future. 270 more words