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GAVL - Creating a Course Template with Haiku Learning

Navigate 3.1.2 – Creation and Investigation into Courses

My previous post reviewed some basic tools most Learning Management Systems offer, and once teachers know these tools, the next step is to build a course shell, or template, to be reused each semester or to share with other teachers. 504 more words


Weebly - A Free and Easy Way To Organize A Classroom

Elementary teachers out there, do you ever worry if your Friday newsletter really makes it into the parents hands? Middle School and Secondary teachers do you ever feel like pulling your hair out because your students said they lost the instructions or rubric to their project and therefore were unable to complete the project? 573 more words

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GAVL - LMS Tools Categories

Navigate 3.1.1 – LMS Tool Categories

Good instruction, whether in a cinderblock classroom or virtual learning space, must include content, discussion, and assessment. In order for the content to impact student lives, teachers must use a variety of strategies such as determining and using students’ background knowledge, making connections to their interests and lives, providing prompt and individualized feedback, and giving them opportunities to apply the content and create. 767 more words


* Super Teacher Worksheets

Welcome to Super Teacher Worksheets.  For a very small yearly fee, you have access to thousands of printable PDF files, including math, spelling, comprehension passages, board games, graphic organizers, phonics, science, holiday themes, social studies, and a huge collection of teacher resources.   259 more words

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GAVL - Commercial versus Open Source

Navigate 2.1.3 – Commercial versus Open Virtual Classrooms

Let’s say your organization or school is making the plunge into virtual learning and researching which vendor to use for its synchronous learning tools. 598 more words