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Apple’s iOS Miscue Just A Blip Or A Bigger Snafu? Ronn Torossian

Well, it had to happen sooner or later. In the wake of massive sales and pre-orders of its new iPhone 6, Apple finally stumbled. Sure, it sold more than 10 million new units, but it’s oops moments are definitely grabbing the headlines. 412 more words


How to Repair a Broken iPhone 6

Want to try to repair your broken iPhone 6? This guide will help you tackle broken screens, bad batteries, busted charging ports, and even the iPhone 6 camera. 704 more words


Barry Bonds Discovers Glassing

Urban Dictionary might be adding a new definition to the word “glassing.” Former Major League Baseball left fielder Barry Bonds sent out a tweet and an Instagram of himself sporting a pair of Google glasses yesterday while looking off into the distance and holding a cup of coffee. 15 more words

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Apple Rubs Elbows With The Fashion Elite For Paris Apple Watch Event

Apple is at Paris Fashion Week, hosting a special event for the Apple Watch at Collette, a high-end boutique shop in France. This is the first time Apple has revealed its device in person to the public, after a press preview held in September for the wearable. 20 more words

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NFL Admits Mistake in Penalizing Muslim Player Who Prayed After Touchdown

A short slide followed by a brief moment on his hands and knees resulted in an excessive celebration penalty on Kansas City Chiefs defensive player Husain Abdullah during Monday night’s game against the New England Patriots… 25 more words

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Microsoft Overhauls MSN Ahead of Big Windows Announcement

Microsoft released a completely redesigned MSN web portal ahead of its scheduled Windows announcement on Tuesday.
The company also announced new versions of its MSN apps on Windows and Windows Phone 8.1 will become available on Tuesday… 14 more words

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General Catalyst Commits $10M For Startups To Stripe’s Payments Ecosystem

Another bout of news is coming from the world of online payments: General Catalyst has announced a new, $10 million plan — called the GC Stripe Platform Initiative — to help portfolio company, payments startup Stripe, continue to scale up: GC will invest in interesting startups that are powered by S… 13 more words

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