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Camouflage Tech Copies Cuttlefish's Disappearing Act

Octupodes and cuttlefish have a remarkable ability to change their appearance, producing colors and patterns in their skin that allow them to disappear into the background. 361 more words


What is Tizen? What Your IT Department Needs to Know About the Android Competitor Joanna Rotter

We explore the pros and cons of Tizen as a viable option for field service organizations’ mobile strategies.

We know that Android, iOS, and to a lesser extent Microsoft, dominate the mobile device operating system market. 662 more words


Steam Box £300 Build!

This build is designed to be cheaper than a PS4 and XBOX ONE with the possibility to upgrade if need be and as time goes on. 494 more words

Cheap Gaming PC

The Multi-Channel Template – How to be Personal and Profitable Craig Sears-Black

The retail market is in a state of flux. Retailers are moving quickly and employing new delivery options all the time in order to retain customer loyalty. 465 more words


6 Tips for an Effective Mobile Responsive Site Design Joydeep Bhattacharya

These days, the World Wide Web is more mobile than ever, with individuals everywhere accessing the internet at any time of the day from the comfort of their own smart-phones. 975 more words